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  1. hadji_85

    Quick Question about Water Bypass Outlet Bolt Size

    Does anyone know the length of the water bypass outlet bolt by chance? I have mixed up some bolts (or lost them) and am trying to button it back up. Much Appreciated.
  2. hadji_85

    Finished headgasket, need distributor clarification

    Just to clarify. The notches should match when it has attached o the helical gear on the camshaft. Not just when you push it in. Meaning the end installed result is with the notches matching? I notice the rotating and want to make sure.
  3. hadji_85

    Doing HG Now, Service Bolt Won't Fit/Thread in (Pics)

    Thank you everyone for your help!!!! You guys are the best.
  4. hadji_85

    Doing HG Now, Service Bolt Won't Fit/Thread in (Pics)

    Ugh, Now I am confused. Should I put the bolt back on the timing chain gear and then get it in the proper position so that I find the hole with the threads or do I just move the camshaft (with the timing chain gear off) until I find the exhaust gear with the threads?
  5. hadji_85

    Doing HG Now, Service Bolt Won't Fit/Thread in (Pics)

    I did the 1. Move crankshaft to 0 degrees 2. Make sure Timing Chain Gear has the notch at the top 3. Make sure the Gears on the Camshafts are side by side when looking from the back. I must have missed something, thanks for the heads up!
  6. hadji_85

    Doing HG Now, Service Bolt Won't Fit/Thread in (Pics)

    It has been a while since I've been here but I am scrambling to get my HG done. I tried to thread a service bolt as suggested by the FSM into the exhaust side gear on the camshaft but there are no threads and the hole only goes through about the halfway. I had set the hashmark on the timing gear...
  7. hadji_85

    Two Really Quick Transmission Fluid Level Questions

    thank you guys very much!
  8. hadji_85

    Two Really Quick Transmission Fluid Level Questions

    I'll make these quick. '96 FZJ80 1. With a warm transmission my level is at the bottom of the dipstick. Approx how many quarts will it take to bring the level to the top. (its freezing cold, and night and I just want a general idea so i don't have to mess around outside tonight) 2. How do I...
  9. hadji_85

    HID Bulb Housing Question

    I found this deal online for HID bulbs for approx $40 Apexcone Raptor HID Kit (35w or 55w): DDM Tuning - HID Kits, DEPO Lights, BMW Lighting & Bumpers Do I really need a new housing? Has anyone installed the HID bulbs using a regular housing that has a picture or testimony they can share...
  10. hadji_85

    Loud front axle noise only when turing left HELP!

    I had the exact same problem, except when turning right.. My rotors were rubbing on that thin metal plate behind them. Is it a brake dust cover? I changed the bearings and races and i just had to hammer it abit.
  11. hadji_85

    Front catalytic converter - chirping noise ? - audio sample posted

    When my bracket was broken, and before I knew it. A piece of metal would rub on another piece of metal making a sound you wouldn't expect in that area, kinda a metal squeak. May want to look for something a little less obvious than the cat itself? Just a suggestion.
  12. hadji_85

    after 12 years.. interior of original '97 radiator

    Can that stuff be cleaned out? Or has the metal actually gone some sort of irreversible chemical reaction.
  13. hadji_85

    Any connection between overheat and cats?

    When I had the AC on, it would be cold and then the engine would start to overheat. When the temp gauge went to 3/4 the AC would shut off and the engine would go back to normal. Also what do you mean "mucked up from the change?"
  14. hadji_85

    Any connection between overheat and cats?

    Original. I tried to spin the fan while the engine was cold to make sure the clutch didn't spin too freely. Spinning as hard as I can the fan rotates maybe once.
  15. hadji_85

    Any connection between overheat and cats?

    Sorry about the ambiguity. I changed the coolant, did a full flush about 20k ago and changed the fluid from red to green. I have not changed the o2 sensors and have 185k on it. If it helps at the car was loaded with 7 people, luggage, aftermarket bumper, AC when it worked, and I got 15.26 miles...
  16. hadji_85

    Any connection between overheat and cats?

    I just took a 500mi trip and at the end of my trip I found my vehicle starting to overheat (NO temp mod) maybe 3/4 of the way up the scale. AC on (but cutting off), maybe about 80 degree weather, a little hilly. I've noticed that the passenger floor (seems more like just before the cats) has...
  17. hadji_85

    By By Head Gasket - Hello cost of ownership

    It might cost less if you don't need to have it towed. Or if you don't miss a trip.
  18. hadji_85

    Noise when turning right

    When cut really hard to the right, I hear a grinding noise coming from the left side of my LC. It seems to only happen when I turn right, and seems to come from the left side of my axle. Its not a popping or clicking noise, more like a soft noise that might be made if you were to change gears...
  19. hadji_85

    rear brake bleeder valves destroyed, how to remove?

    i had the same problem, I ended up buying new calipers from oreiley's which i believe are toyota remans. They were not very expensive and saved a bunch of time. Good luck.
  20. hadji_85

    "ARB installation kit"

    ace hardware has alot of the bolts you probably need. they have all the funny pitch ones.
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