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    Wanted Rockwarrior SPARE or equivalent

    PM sent for the other two if you still have them.
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    SOLD Hutchinson 17" Beadlocks for UZJ100 / URJ200 / Tundra

    Interesting. I am surprised they destroyed the casting for the WA-0550 wheels. There are so many 100's, 200's, Sequoia's, and Tundra's out there that could use those wheels. It could be possible to get 20 people together who would buy five wheels to hit the 100 wheels if they agree to that...
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    SOLD CO Springs - (5) Rock Warrior wheels 5x150 - $1400

    I'd easily give you $1,600 plus shipping cost if you would consider it. If it was a bit later into Spring, I would make the drive.
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    For Sale SLC - 6 lug rock warriors

    How many wheels in a set? 4 or 5? I am interested if you could get me the shipping cost to 97487.
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    SOLD Hutchinson 17" Beadlocks for UZJ100 / URJ200 / Tundra

    No worries! They are out of stock everywhere and Hutchinson isn't making them any more. So the only chance I see in getting a set is someone selling them here or on another Toyota off road forum...maybe one of the Tundra forums. I kick myself every time I think about wheels for my 100's.
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    SOLD Hutchinson 17" Beadlocks for UZJ100 / URJ200 / Tundra

    LOL. These are long gone. :D I would love to get another set, but these are becoming super rare. Wish I hadn't of sold these! :bang:
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    SOLD Bend, OR. Rock Warrior Wheels

    I'll take them. PM inbound.
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    SOLD Gig Harbor, WA: TRD Rock Warrior Wheels - Singles / Spares For Sale

    Didn't see a much you want for all four?
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    SOLD OR - TrekboxX TLC100SA Complete System Alpha Rear Cargo System

    I have decided to sell my new, gray TLC100SA System Alpha rear cargo system from TrekboxX. I bought this back in the day shortly after TrekboxX introduced the system. This is from back before they were factory assembled. Comes in three large heavy boxes and includes all upgrades except for...
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    Building a Better and Tougher Awning

    Yeah, I am still pretty active on 'mud. Thanks for the interest in this awning project. I haven't worked on this one in a couple years mostly due to tight finances and my workload at work. However, it is funny that this thread got revived at this time. I am revisiting this and want to make...
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    Rolled the LX

    LOL. Exactly. Sorry about the accident...glad everyone is okay.
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    Top Hinged Side Cargo Windows??

    I may be interested in a set.
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    Building a Better and Tougher Awning

    Thinking further about this and looking at my notes... Does anyone here in Oregon have an Eezi-Awn K9 rack that I could check out? I have the brackets made up and I just need to confirm that they work with the K9 rack. I am willing to drive a few hours in any direction from Eugene to check...
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    Building a Better and Tougher Awning

    Man, life got in the way of this project. I still have all the parts to do this. All the metal work has been solved and all I need to do is send the drawings to a manufacturer to get the parts made up. The fabric side is the major holdup. I haven't found a great match for the fabric that...
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    SOLD Portland, OR: (5) near-new 35" Toyo MTs

    Are they still on the wheels? Interested in the tires for my 100 series...
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