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  1. TBIFJ40

    164 fj three on the tree v8??

    The 3 speed trans with either the floor shifter or column shift is essential the same trans...and the adapter is only a plate that spaces the trans back from the chevy engine a bit...the spline count is the same. (original 1F is a metric Chevy knock-off kinda thing) Not sure why you'd want to...
  2. TBIFJ40

    HAHAHHA. My wife's analogy on 2.5" vs. 4"

    You drink tea?
  3. TBIFJ40

    1/79 FJ40 Rear Axle Position

    Theres more arch in your springs now, therefore the axle looks and is further forward, yep you said that. If you move the axle back, when your springs flex and straighten, they could hit the rear of the fender. You have a choice: keep the cruiser completely stock and leave it alone, or start...
  4. TBIFJ40

    keeping the cruiser a cruiser

    There is something to be said for the purity of a stock Cruiser. Theyre getting harder to find, its a classic design and theyre bomb proof. If you want it for those reasons, I totally understand. My last Cruiser was pretty far from stock; TBI350, Sm465 transmission, etc. I kept the stock...
  5. TBIFJ40

    What was I thinking- How NOT to go about buying an FJ 40

    awesome truck to sstart with!! And good for you for figuring out how to work on it. A cruiser owner should know his rig top to bottom and not expect someone else to fix it for him/her. Congrats!!!! Youre on a road to discovery and excitement!
  6. TBIFJ40

    which frame would you use?

    You can straighten the frame, but keep an eye on it and make sure the guys doing it know what they are doing. Metal has a memory, so it will want to move back to the bent position. As long as the rust isnt too, bad, I wouldnt worry about the rust on the corner pieces. If its on th main part...
  7. TBIFJ40

    Advanced Adapter Ranger III Overdrive questions

    I did the exact same thing with my overdrive. I think the part was about $ and good luck!
  8. TBIFJ40

    apron emblems

    Ive got a set of original bolt on emblems.....If anybody is interested. They may be older tho.
  9. TBIFJ40

    Headers or manifolds on my 5.7 350TBI with Saginaw?

    The rams horns work well and flow better than any other Chevy manifold, but not quite as good as headers. The Rams Horn headers have 2 different outlet sizes, 2" and 2.5" the bigger ones were only found on Corvettes and possibly some other chevy production vehicles, but the 2" outlets should...
  10. TBIFJ40

    Side view mirrors that don't suck

    I hate to say this, but I used CJ Jeep mirrors on mine. (AAAAHHHH I know) Drill and tap the windsheild frame, they stay put when (if) you take the doors off. Tighten the little screw under the ball if they get sloppy.
  11. TBIFJ40

    saginaw chevy or scout?

    On a 40 you need to mount the box inside the frame rails. (unless youre using full size axles) Use something like Scout or Jeep Grand wagoneer, which I used. With the wagoneer you get the bigger pattern, easy to find, and the stock steering arm )if you use stock) accepts the big rod ends. The...
  12. TBIFJ40

    60 springs on rear of 40 question

    Bret has the right idea with the stiffer springs in the front limiting body roll. The wider 60 axles will also help with stability. When you position the springs, make sure that when under load the shackle isnt standing straight up and down; the eye of the rear of the spring should be further...
  13. TBIFJ40

    60 springs on rear of 40 question

    Yes, the 60 springs will ride and articulate a lot better. There is no magic formula (weight of the truck, age of the springs, etcetc) when it comes to number of leaves and shackle length; youre just going to have to play around and tweak it a bit. DO use an anti-wrap bar, the kind with a...
  14. TBIFJ40

    Let's see your lifts

    SOA rear, Shackle reversal and various springs in the front.
  15. TBIFJ40

    Tie Rod Beefing Up

    Sleeving a tube is a lot harder than it sounds!!! If you get a good tight fit, thats a lot of rod to try to push thru...DOM tubing is smooth inside but elctrowelded has a ridge. Save yourself the headache and just buy a good rod, either from Marlin or (Or buy heavy...
  16. TBIFJ40

    Homemade shackles with stock bushings

    A good fastener store should be able to get you the bolts...even if they have to order them. Ive never had any luck drilling bushings. Just use the 9/16 and you'll be fine. grease em!
  17. TBIFJ40

    Lockright Locker up front - 1979 FJ40

    oops, no "d" in invisible.
  18. TBIFJ40

    Lockright Locker up front - 1979 FJ40

    I had a lockrite/easy-locker that I started with in the front of my 40. When I broke it, It was under warranty so I put it in the front when I got it back. It worked awesome, no weird manners and yes, indvisible when not engaged. (I put a full size Deteroit in the rear, much better locker for...
  19. TBIFJ40

    Traction bar shackle

    my shackle is upside down; bar above the crossmember, works awesome.
  20. TBIFJ40

    Raising front fenders

    you could trim them, but that would be hard on the and inch or better, I personally like the way it looks
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