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  1. Boz_10

    Is this too good to be true vs salvage auction. Anyone ever bid on this site before?
  2. Boz_10

    Maintenance Marathon 2010

    Why not do the head gasket as well since you're gonna get dirty doing other stuff. I've been thinking about doing everything you're doing to my truck since it's never been done. Keep us updated on your progress...take some pics while you're doing the work.
  3. Boz_10

    WTB: FJ80 Bull Bar or Center Grille Guard

    Are you anywhere near Cincinnati???
  4. Boz_10

    Newbie with new FZJ80

    ...that looks exactly like my truck!!! Good choice.
  5. Boz_10


    Very nice truck!! What is your lift? I'm not too familiar with J-springs... are there different sizes to them?
  6. Boz_10

    Pre cat O2 sensor question

    ...thanks for the quick reply!! Sorry for the ignorance, but what is a "bung"?
  7. Boz_10

    Pre cat O2 sensor question

    Finally got my catalytic converter installed after someone cut it out. I had a friend install/weld some exhaust piping along with Magnaflow single cat 2.5" in place where the thieves cut the stock one out. The post cat O2 sensor is in place, but the pre cat O2 sensor is missing. My friend did...
  8. Boz_10

    Someone cut my catalytic converters out!!

    ...I walk up to my truck, nothing looks out of the ordinary. Start it up.... terrible loud noise comes from underneath. Initially, I thought maybe another blown exhaust gasket??? Went to look under the truck and :eek: ...NO CATS!! Someone actually crawled up under the LC and cut the converters...
  9. Boz_10

    Beeps when locking/unlocking doors?

    When locking / unlocking the doors in my LC with the remote it has always armed the vehicle with 2 blinks but no beeps. Today, for the first time ever, when locking and unlocking with the remote I got beep-beep along with the turn signal blinks. Is there a way to make it beep all the time...
  10. Boz_10

    Hutchinson Rims?

    I like... ..You have a nice kitchen!!!
  11. Boz_10

    Official 80 Series Factory Snorkel Group-Buy Thread

    .... Count me in as well!!! Reasonable shipping applies. Thanks Florence KY, 41042 1997 FZJ80
  12. Boz_10

    Cruiser pain, need help

    - call your insurance company and see if you have towing included in your coverage. ... you can get your $200 back!! It'll make you feel better!!
  13. Boz_10

    ARB Bull Bar Bumper for 80 Series

    Pedro, .. you gotta clear your mail box!!! Is the bumper winch or non winch??? Where in Indiana do you live at??? I can pick in KY. PM me thanks
  14. Boz_10

    Toyota Salesmen and Techs Didnt know what my truck was today lol

    ...reminds me of my '99 Nissan Maxima purchase when the salesman said:..."..this Toyota Maxiama sure has pickup.... not bad for a V4..." :crybaby:
  15. Boz_10

    She made it!

    - She officially needs to go into LC emeritus club!!!
  16. Boz_10

    here is my lifted $1500 project truck so far

    - - that is exactly what I was thinking!!!! You got hell a' deal on it!!!! - Boz
  17. Boz_10

    96 LC cat measurement.

    You guys know where would be the best place to purchase the cats?? My cats have a hole right in between them...the gasket is totally rusted, thus leaking exhaust. Sounds absolutely terrible!! What are the dimentions of the pipe?? Thanks
  18. Boz_10

    Heated Seats

    Glen, Can you inquiry if the kits could be used in other cars or are they car specific??? Also, if they're not car specific, could I get the discount for other sets? Thanks
  19. Boz_10

    License plate light

    ... I replaced mine by snapping the "cushion" off the gate. Then you'll see 3 screws that hold the whole light assembly. Unscrew the crews and that will give you plenty of room to operate. Also, if you're having trouble unscrewing the screws off the plastic, use a heat gun. It worked for me...
  20. Boz_10

    Snapped Class IV Hitch Bolt?

    Bolts - How many bolts do you need to hoist the hitch?? Do you also need nuts? I just found this website... and it looks like they have the 8mm bolts... I just need to know what else and how many I need before purchasing. Thanks
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