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    FJ60/62 Rear Bumper Kits

    a while ago can I be pointed too a current page ect being in Australia buying a pack is NOT a option can the cad plans be sold to someone over here never know unless you ask
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    Another rear bumper build! Pics inside.

    nice being a new member to this here forum finding some great buids for the rear bar is real rewarding ,checking thru 1600 posts well that in itself is interesting .Great work hope it is still going strong
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    400 club mines past the 400 now currently at 416 another trip away shorlty about 8000kms
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    Registry 60-series Registry

    bought this cruiser and we had a heap of fun in it ,rust ate itin the end
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    Lowering Bumpstops

    down raised the front with 2" springs and the same with the shackles ,seeing I am using 35" tyres I lowered the stops with steel box 1"x1 1/4 best thing I have done ,stoped the rubbing staight away
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    Registry 60-series Registry

    350ks SE of Broken Hill, Aus
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    Registry 60-series Registry

    billby east coast of australia 61 sahara 12ht 5 speed manual running 35s carries 200litres deisel 100litres water currently only a 2 seater ,pretty self sufficant for 3 weeks has 400000km
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    Allow me to introduce...."Chunk" (my 60 Build thread)

    the 60 sixties rock but thats my 5 cents worth
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    Temp Sending Unit?

    simply nice great thread ,great response ,should fix up my issue ,maybe next weekend though
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