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  1. MAD MARK 80

    Parting Out 91 Toyota land cruiser

    Do you have driver side headlight?
  2. MAD MARK 80

    Parting Out 91 Land Cruiser - Parting out

    Do you have driver side headlight?
  3. MAD MARK 80

    For Sale Parting out 1994 FZJ80 Rhode Island

    does your pass. side rear door lock and tail gate lock actuator works?
  4. MAD MARK 80

    Parting out a rust free, low mileage Locked 1996 Cruiser

    e mail sent for door lock actuator and antenna switch.
  5. MAD MARK 80

    1994 FZJ80, 195K tan on tan

    I know TRIDETOY already spoken for DS sun visor. However if PS sun visor available I'm interesting in for it. Mine is doesn't stays good. PM for condition and price.:)
  6. MAD MARK 80

    Parting 3 locked 1996 FZJ80's

    how much is sun visors for both side? I don't about color, mine is tan seat with light gray head liner.
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