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    For Sale Low mileage 2F [KS]

    Charles... I'm in S KC. Call me at 816-941-2005
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    Garage sale (40 and 60 parts)

    Steering Gear still available? Condition? Looking for E - 9/72 with good sector shaft... Steve
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    Wanted Steering Sector Shaft Wanted E-9/72

    You'd think that after several weeks trying to free my steering gear box from purgatory I'd just rob a bank and call in the Power Steering fairy. But alas, a cheapster does what he must do. Beg, claw and scratch. My barn-find '68-'69 steering shaft seal leaks due to the sector shaft being oh-so...
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    For Sale Free drum brake parts in Nor-Cal

    Bump - Parts - Born on date?
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    For Sale (WV/MD/VA) 1968 fj40 Master Cylinders and Slave Cylinder

    Your Brake Parts Are Brake Parts still available? If So, Please shoot me a price that you can live with for all of it. As xmas $$ takes priority, I'm not embarrassed to claim I tapped out. But, needing a few of these parts for my '69... Shipping to Kansas City 64145 Thanks and Happy...
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    Wanted Early Carb spacer, 9mm brake fittings, Throtle cable

    1969/69 FJ40 - Can anyone dig me up: * A Carb spacer/ insulator (the red one) * 9mm brake fittings * A throttle cable - the type with the threaded ends ('71?) Would appreciate all replies more than you know.
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    Tornado Alley Cruisers Introductions

    Deja Vu Rust Bucket NUTS In 1977 I bought a '71 40 that was parked behind a KC repair shop at 80th and Troost filled with horse manure. I moving to Aspen and needed 4 wheel drive. Those weekends in rockies still fill my memories. One bucket list item these days was to ride those old...
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    need an electrician, can anyone help?

    Small World.... Zane, Next time you have a house question, email me. (I met you in your driveway when I inspected the house you sold.) And might take you up on Toyota parts... Cheers STEVE H
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    New F & 2F carbs

    I feel like I'm going out on a blind date.... My Jan 1969 FJ40 rust bucket is aching for your carb candy since it hasn't run in many years. I bought this beautiful junker without a carb and have yet to determine the viability of this project, drive train, engine, etc. But still juiced and...
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    New F & 2F carbs

    Please add me to the carb waiting list Dec 1968 to Jan 1969 built FJ40
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