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  1. NM Frontier

    What color is this TLC Cruiser?

    I don’t have one but here’s Ward’s YouTube I think you can look back and find tlc videos. Jonathan Ward
  2. NM Frontier

    What color is this TLC Cruiser?

    There’s a walk around video out there, I’m pretty sure he mentions the color in it or in another with the same color. Being TLC/Jonathan Ward my bet is it’s some kind of modified BMW color.
  3. NM Frontier

    60 series porn (pictures of the kind that get people like us excited!)

    A couple of my former 83 FJ60
  4. NM Frontier

    Honey Badger build while dd (not dd anymore)

    Damn this is some epic rust repair! Props for going for it, I've been taking notes for my 74! Very entertaining!
  5. NM Frontier

    My on going HJ61 adventure

    Awesome to see another diesel cruiser in NM! Where in NM are you at if you don't mind? I'm up in Cloudcroft, my 74 is always looking for a friend.
  6. NM Frontier

    ROTM Maxdaddys 88 fj62

    That is a great looking truck. Your right the rear bumper goes good with the ARB.
  7. NM Frontier

    Advice on finding/choosing diesel 60 series

    Canadian HJ and BJ 60s are going to be your closest option for import. There are some already imported running around but they pull a pretty penny. Don't forget that to legally import a non-USA truck it needs to be 25yrs or older. As for the auto Iv seen a 2H with one but not sure on the 3B, but...
  8. NM Frontier

    My New 60

    Looks like you scored a sweet rig! Love the black out. Glad to see another nice 60 make NM its home!
  9. NM Frontier

    Rusty Wagon Rebuild

  10. NM Frontier

    egr problem - i think

    I can't add anything new here but keep us posted on your findings. I have just finished doing much of what you have but chasing a different issue. I always like to see how other problems are solved for future reference.
  11. NM Frontier

    Valve Adjustment Trouble

    Update: I got every thing back together and runs great. I wish I had another 2F to compare it to, just to see what the noise difference is. After the second time checking every thing it did not stutter at 1500 like it did. I can not pin point the cause but on the test drive I couldn't see, feel...
  12. NM Frontier

    Valve Adjustment Trouble

    Thanks for the link to the chart that thing is great!
  13. NM Frontier

    Valve Adjustment Trouble

    Just ran through it again, I got them all feeling the same now, I had to adj only a couple but ran it w/o the valve cover( Kinda Cool!) and they seem as quiet as I'v ever heard any. Still some ticking but not much. Going to put back together and see if it still stutters at 1500 to 2000. Then I'm...
  14. NM Frontier

    FJ60 emmissions markings

    I like it. It is always fun to keep track of all that stuff when you need to unplug some.
  15. NM Frontier

    Valve Adjustment Trouble

    Ok cleaned the flywheel and painted the line and dot. I was using the correct mark. Would the gap be the same after the engine cools for a bit. I was going to check them again but can't decide to warm the engine up again or just do it now. I am afraid that as things cool the gap would have to...
  16. NM Frontier

    Valve Adjustment Trouble

    Do you got a good link to the "cold method" Thanks
  17. NM Frontier

    Valve Adjustment Trouble

    Good call on dropping the cover to clean the flywheel. Now I can see If I just use the wrong mark. The "line" is TDC and the "Dot" is the timing correct?
  18. NM Frontier

    Valve Adjustment Trouble

    Ok, I started at the only mark I could find in the "window" looks like a line w an arrow top. I did start w the 4,6,8,10,11,12 group would that make a difference? I am able to turn the idle down and keep the engine running smooth, just stutters out of the 12000 to 1500 range. Thanks
  19. NM Frontier

    Valve Adjustment Trouble

    Yep, I'm rechecking all the vac lines right now then I going to track down a light and do the timing. Just wondering if this was a common thing see after a valve adj. Thanks
  20. NM Frontier

    Valve Adjustment Trouble

    Just did the valve adjustment on my 83, FJ60 with 164k. Fallowed all the posts I found as well as the Haynes. I did it the first time yesterday, every thing sounded good when I fired it up but it would kind of miss and sputter when I gave it some gas. I slept on it and re-did it this morning...
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