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  1. ICD FJ40

    May 20, Trail Ride, The Gulches

    Count me in
  2. ICD FJ40

    July 9th--club trail ride (camping) Cloverdale Mine

    Still waiting on Jeff to finish my rust mitigation.......
  3. ICD FJ40

    June trail ride Medano Pass

    A 40 pulling an M416 with a tent on top? I gotta get one!
  4. ICD FJ40

    Just curious, What is your MPG on you're FJ40?

    Ignorance is bliss:bang:
  5. ICD FJ40

    January 22, 2022 Club Trail Ride-Schubarth Road (Rampart Range)

    Not enough 40s in that pic.
  6. ICD FJ40

    Colorado Emissions - Pre-75

    To get any rational advice to help with your dilemma, we really need to see pics. Multiple angles and don't forget interior and engine compartment.
  7. ICD FJ40

    Any info on the 9-18 Kebler pass run?

    A new air compressor? Yahoo! Shoot I gotta see that
  8. ICD FJ40

    Any info on the 9-18 Kebler pass run?

    via Scofield pass?
  9. ICD FJ40

    Any info on the 9-18 Kebler pass run?

    Is this on for Sunday?
  10. ICD FJ40

    Looking for some help finding the correct thread to post onto

    I would recommend going south through Lake city you can fish Lake San Cristobal there, then over Slumgulleon pass, on the other side is Continental Reservoir and Rito Hondo. Further south is Road Canyon and Rio Grande reservoirs, if you stay on this road it goes over Stoney pass and comes out...
  11. ICD FJ40

    What Gasoline Fuel Grade to Use?

    Burn cheap gas, not money......
  12. ICD FJ40

    April 17 Trail Ride to Texas Creek (shall we postpone to 24th?)

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to make this one
  13. ICD FJ40

    Why does everyone keep the hardtop on

    A freakish law of nature; the chance of precipitation increases proportionate to the distance you drive away from home. So why own a 40? Because you cant take the top of the newer series. :hmm:
  14. ICD FJ40

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Avoiding the bezel police ?
  15. ICD FJ40

    1978 FJ40 Project

    There appears to be an old black car in your way. If you need, I can take it away for you.......:p
  16. ICD FJ40

    1979 FJ40 floorboards.

    Have you tried Real Steel?
  17. ICD FJ40

    Poll: Dune Biege or Cadet Blue?

    Buy another 40. Do both colors.
  18. ICD FJ40

    Builds It was the Prospector's Idea

    How many times has that been said?
  19. ICD FJ40

    What Winch would you put on this bumper and why

    Warn 8274
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