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  1. tarbe

    For Sale FJ80 Pair of Steering Knuckles

    Where are the parts located?
  2. tarbe

    4 Bfg 295-75/16 At Ko

    Got them on tonight, Tim. MoJ's Toyos put the MOJO on me :) I know they are too much tire 95% of the time and the 295 BFGs are an all-around better choice for me...but since when did any of this hobby have to make sense? :grinpimp:
  3. tarbe

    4 Bfg 295-75/16 At Ko

    For Curtis;
  4. tarbe

    4 Bfg 295-75/16 At Ko

    BFGs are sold. Thanks all. The Toyos are up to the sig line "If much is good, more is better...and too much is just right!"
  5. tarbe

    4 Bfg 295-75/16 At Ko

    Trying to compensate for my..............uh............poor driving skills. Yea, that's it.......poor driving skills. :grinpimp:
  6. tarbe

    4 Bfg 295-75/16 At Ko

    PM returned. I have some work to do! Got to find out if I can get the new tires in and on that quick.
  7. tarbe

    4 Bfg 295-75/16 At Ko

    I measured each tires tread depth at 5 spots randomly with a dial caliper. Average was .451" or 14.4/32". According to BFG the tires start out at 17/32. Most shallow reading was .425" (13.6/32") and the deepest was .497" (15.9/32"). I made 20 measurements total to hopefully make the...
  8. tarbe

    One, 1 91-97 80 series/LX450 front Bilstein

    How long is that shock? Is it equivalent to the L shock, as in for a 3 or 4 inch lift, or more like for the 2 inch lift...or is it for stock height?
  9. tarbe

    OME 850J coil springs - New in box - trade for 850

    If no one comes up with a better plan, we can pull my heavies off at Flat Nasty and do a swap at the park :)
  10. tarbe

    4 nearly new Cooper S/Ts 265/75-16 8-ply Idaho

    Here you go:
  11. tarbe

    Wanted FZJ80 dual swing out rear bumper system ASAP!

    I've sent Ken a couple of ideas. One is to let you have my bumper and then I (hopefully) can get mine in enough time to install and modify the exhaust before my November trip. The other is to just stop work on mine, bump you into the queue now, and finish mine whenever. I know we are...
  12. tarbe

    Wanted FZJ80 dual swing out rear bumper system ASAP!

    Ok...who in Cali is going to lend Adriana their bumper for a year?? :) Hey Ken Hanna - you can stop work on mine and squeeze one out for Adriana if you want...I can wait an extra couple weeks.
  13. tarbe

    Wanted Need Front ARB Bull Bar for 1996 80 Series

    I doubt you'll beat that...
  14. tarbe

    Car-Top-Tents for sale

    post deleted...
  15. tarbe

    Free 3rd row seats

    I can't believe these have not been jumped on.
  16. tarbe

    Wanted 80 Tailgate latch handle

    Need one of these. Thought I'd try the flea market before buying a new one :hillbilly: Thanks,
  17. tarbe

    FZJ80 rear bumper

    Do I smell a 4x4Labs bumper in the works? :cheers: I got all excited thinking a used Slee/Hanna/whatever was hitting the market...:frown:
  18. tarbe

    Wanted WTB FZJ-80 Rear Air Deflector/Spoiler

    You should have asked me...about two months ago. I gave mine away... I could have kept my mouth shut. But what are friends for? :grinpimp: Free bump anyway.
  19. tarbe

    1FZ-FE Supercharger NIB on eBay

    It maxed out at $1,775 and did not make reserve.
  20. tarbe

    1FZ-FE Supercharger NIB on eBay

    Somebody hurry up and hit the buy it now button and get this thing off the market. It is bad for my marriage!
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