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  1. Max Wilder

    Southern Swine Soirée 2022

    If you want to come back to the Ozark National Forest, I'm happy to help plan campsites and trails. Plus I'll do some cooking!
  2. Max Wilder

    Grinding noise from front end when 4 wheel drive is engaged fj40

    I have this exact issue with my 1979 BJ40. It ONLY happens when 4wd is engaged and I lift my foot from the gas pedal while moving. Does not happen in 2wd even with hubs locked. It's a pretty ugly grinding noise. Can anyone point me at the right parts to order to service the front output shaft...
  3. Max Wilder

    B viscus fan clutch

    This thread helped me out recently, so I just thought I would add that I found Aisin part# FCT-001 is an identical replacement for the fan clutch on my 1979 BJ-40, except that the shaft on it is a teensy bit longer. Apparently Aisin part# FCT-061 was the correct part, but no longer exists. I...
  4. Max Wilder

    Events/Trails Southern Swine Soirée-2020 The Ozarks

    Here's my pictures from the weekend, it's not much but there's some on the way home from the event when we hit some fun trails.
  5. Max Wilder

    Events/Trails Southern Swine Soirée-2020 The Ozarks

    4ft is okay for stock 4runners/jeeps. The deepest I'd go with a 4" lift is around 5.5ft because of the flow. river crossing video
  6. Max Wilder

    Events/Trails Southern Swine Soirée-2020 The Ozarks

    It looks like you guys are coming to my backyard, can I come in my 40? I sold my 55☹ I'm familiar with the area and I can show you some fun trails and sights. I can also assure you that the Buffalo will be plenty low enough to cross. Here's my map of fun stuff in the area: Ozark Adventures -...
  7. Max Wilder

    For Sale 1972 FJ55 12v Cummins Swap (NC)

    lol, that was my cruiser project that I sold uncompleted several years ago. There was no room for the regular fan so I put a big electric one on the front of the radiator. It looks like he hasn't done any work at all to it and he's trying to double his money, good luck to him I guess!
  8. Max Wilder

    NWA meeting

    Someone else is organizing a Toyota meetup on the 25th at Slim Chicken's in Springdale at 6pm. It's on Facebook with the Natural State Overland group. They've already got a group going and a raffle and I don't know what else.
  9. Max Wilder

    NWA meeting

    I just found this thread, but I'm a long time land cruiser owner in Rogers. Do you guys have a facebook group or something? I'd love to make it to some meetings. Max Wilder - 479 202-4301
  10. Max Wilder

    BJ-42 Help Needed! - Freeze Plug / Block Heater Woes

    I'm really stuck right now: I bought the 35mm block heater, and I went for a (kinda-sorta) accessible freeze plug just aft of the injection pump on the driver's side. I tapped on the freeze plug, but it went into the block, and while I can wiggle it around with my finger, I can't get it out...
  11. Max Wilder

    BJ-40 Injector line broke.

    Who did you find to make them?
  12. Max Wilder

    BJ-40 Injector line broke.

    Miles, I used the #3 line (3rd from the front) and it fit just fine. If you want I'll send you one of the others, but you'll have to bend it to fit. (#4 is probably going to be easiest to adapt. PM me your address.
  13. Max Wilder

    BJ-40 Injector line broke.

    I just bought the ones Wes linked on Ebay for a 3b, hopefully they're close enough to work. If so I'll sell you one of those at cost :)
  14. Max Wilder

    BJ-40 Injector line broke.

    Thanks for the tip Wes, I bought that from ebay, whenever it gets here we'll see how it fits.
  15. Max Wilder

    BJ-40 Injector line broke.

    I called EVERYWHERE locally (up to 2 hours away) and no one can do it. Several shops said that they used to make injector lines, but don't any more. Thanks for the links, plan C is to order a straight piece online and try to bend it to fit, but those cost $100 or more. Tomorrow I'm going to...
  16. Max Wilder

    BJ-40 Injector line broke.

    I wasn't aware that that's a viable solution for high pressure injector lines, but I can sure give it a try.
  17. Max Wilder

    BJ-40 Injector line broke.

    My 1979 BJ-40 (B Engine) - The number three injector line broke off at the flare on the injector pump end. I drove it another several miles to civilization before I opened it up and saw what happened. - I can't find a new injector line or anyone to make one for me, please help! - Is there any...
  18. Max Wilder

    For Sale 1974 dash switches,Gauge cluster and aftermarket radio

    I can pay $40 shipped for the wipe/wash or the fan switch I just need one switch with knob.
  19. Max Wilder

    Help! 24v BJ-40 Glow Plugs Quit Working

    1979 BJ-40 24v They've been working fine for years, but a week ago (in cold weather) I noticed that the glow controller (little window with a resistor behind it) was taking too long to start glowing. Over the last week it's died a slow death until yesterday the glow was barely visible and today...
  20. Max Wilder

    Accelerator Cable?

    Where do I find a cable maker? I found a new cable and ends from a motorcycle shop that I'm going to solder together, but I have my doubts that it'll last.
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