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  1. antor

    Valve Cover Gasket?

    I'm about to do my valve cover gasket also and clean my throttle body. Do I need to drain any fluids before I start? Are there any write ups on this?
  2. antor

    Need advice with PHH

    I ended up loosening the bottom bolt from the top with a gear wrench just enough to move the pipe to get the new silicone hose on. I don't know how these guys can do it in a couple hours took me over a day to change t-stat, PHH and flush the system. Glad it's over. Thanks for the help, Antor
  3. antor

    Need advice with PHH

    Thanks I'll try your method before I start breaking stuff Anton
  4. antor

    Need advice with PHH

    Started my PHH today and couldn't for the life of me get the bottom bolt off. Glad I read this Ill just do the Pin_Head method and break it. So I have to cut the PHH in half before breaking the lower bracket off? Im using the silicone with the constant torque clamps what would be the torque...
  5. antor

    Problems replacing steering damper on my 92 LC

    I hit mine with a BFH about 20 times Puller didn't work for me ...via IH8MUD app
  6. antor

    Exspession of interest FLEXI COILS

    If we can get 15 people I'll be in for a 3" set.
  7. antor

    DIY rear 80 bumper?

    I have a DIY 4x4 Labs without a swingout. It has everything you stated and you can add swingouts later if you ever wanted. Good price also.
  8. antor

    Flareless and bed coated

    That's what I did, worked great. the tape dimples over time but it's barely noticeable to me because I know where the holes are. It's been about 5 years and it still looks good. Anton
  9. antor

    Tire rubbing 35" question - HELP

    Mine are 315/75-16 = 34.5x12.5 no spacers, no trimming or hammering. I dont have the running boards though.
  10. antor

    Tire rubbing 35" question - HELP

    So have they actually rubbed or they just told you that. I have 315s on stock wheels with a 3.5" lift and two broken springs, and barely rub under full stuff only in the rear. Also no bump stop extensions on the rear and 1.5" bump stop extensions on the front. Anton
  11. antor

    I'm BACK!!!!

    welcome back.. I believe the EWD is the electrical wiring diagram. $6500 seems fair depending on PM.
  12. antor

    Photo Request Emerald Green with DuraBak

    Sorry about long response, yes it's green cruiser with black liner. And yes stingerless MT, Thanks
  13. antor

    Photo Request Emerald Green with DuraBak

    few bad pics hard to tell it's green :meh:
  14. antor

    Ripped a Flare Off

    I did the same thing on my first wheeling trip years ago. Passenger side backed into a rut mudflap and flare pulled off, driver side scraped a rock tore it off. I just took them all off, put the aluminum tape on the holes and herculined it, cost about $80. Here's some crappy pics
  15. antor

    Brembo vs OEM for FJ80

    I went with the same ones with the black zinc coating, bled my old brake fluid and filled with Valvoline synthetic Dot 4. very happy with it... and they look cool:cool:
  16. antor

    What is THIS and WHERE do I get one??

    The Recaro seats are nice too(minus the color)
  17. antor

    trail lexus

    wow very nice work. :clap:
  18. antor

    ICON VEHICLE DYNAMICS Piggy-Back Prototype Shocks for the 80 Series

    These Kings say they are progressive Coil-Over Springs - AFCO UTV YAMAHA RHINO POLARIS RZR SHOCKS
  19. antor

    Things that die in The cruiser...

    There was a small rodent living in my AC fan housing. It brought in a bunch of leaves to make a comfy home. Every time I used my AC it smelled funky so I tore it apart and this is what I found ; So maybe you...
  20. antor

    Help with interior lights!

    Have you checked the switch, make sure it's on "door". If that's not it check if there is voltage at the contacts.
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