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  1. 84AOD

    60 wont pass smog... what to do...?

    Thanks to all have responded. I am currently in Reno as we have property there. I do not reside there however my wife does( travels back and forth to the Bay Area) so it will be easy to “register”. But I will post the numbers....and get it to pass in Ca. It just seems more conducive to have it...
  2. 84AOD

    60 wont pass smog... what to do...?

    So my cruiser didn’t pass smog. Gary in Sonoma is way too busy. And George In Stockton is unable to help either. My other option is to register it in Reno Nv ( under my father in-law) My questions are : 1- Does Reno Nv require smog? 2- is there a smog exempt for a 1984? 3- Would it just be...
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