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  1. imagirl

    poll for the forum - what color should i paint my stock rims?

    Chrome plate them.
  2. imagirl

    Where do the jack rod holders

    It is behind the jump seat passenger side on the rear well
  3. imagirl

    Knucke rebuild

    Here's a before picture... You will have fun. The cone washers are a PITA and I read so much about the shims, keeping track, same order etc...I didn't even know what they would look like. I was imaging shims like you use in carpentry. We found them by mistake while scrubbing. Good thing there...
  4. imagirl

    Knucke rebuild

    West Valley
  5. imagirl

    Knucke rebuild

    Oh yeah, and thank you Coolerman for your detailed pics and instructions.
  6. imagirl

    Knucke rebuild

    So it took a few days...Thank you Kourtney for the fun and Kurt at Spector for the 10:00pm phone call checking on my progress and lauging:). What I have learned is that I am not strong. I had so much fun. Even though I had a good quote from K&H, the point of me buying my LC is to learn, and...
  7. imagirl

    Is the cruiser supposed to be this slow?

    As my daily driver, on the infamous 101 in Los Angeles, I keep it at 60-65. Going over the passes it keeps same speed. Bigger tires for me helped with the rpm and the only problem is watching out for the strong gusts of wind, they can really move you. But with gas so expensive here, slower...
  8. imagirl

    Sorry... Another "Will this rim fit" question

    When I bought my 40, po kept tires and rims and put on tiny tires and soso rims. I bought rims from SOR a set of 4 for a 60, and I feel I got a very good deal, more than what you are paying for a set of four, but they look awesome(in my opinion) and belong on a land cruiser. There are pictures...
  9. imagirl

    Any good Photos of a knuckle rebuild?

    Thanks. Coolerman link is great. We'll see how it goes.
  10. imagirl

    Any good Photos of a knuckle rebuild?

    Looking for photo references to use with tackling this.
  11. imagirl

    What do you want for your cruiser that you cant not get?

    Id like chrome side mirrors that don't collapse from the speed when driving on the freeway.
  12. imagirl

    Vehicle transport state to state

    I have used u ship with good results.
  13. imagirl

    Conflicted information

    I just purchased new tires and rims and was soo happy, but then when they were being mounted I noticed that driver side knuckle seems to be leaking, not terribly, but very wet. The passenger side seemed dry. There is play(if you shake the tire) on driver side, passenger side has very little...
  14. imagirl

    Another carb cooling fan question

    It's grounded After reading this, I grounded the blue wire and still have no luck with my cooling fan running. I know the fan works because I was able to get it to only work once. Any other suggestions?
  15. imagirl

    want to be a new fj40 owner

    go for it I cannot tell you how happy my Fj40 makes me. I cried when it was delivered. I am sure I overpaid, but like you, I am limited in knowledge, but am mechanically inclined and wanted to learn. I knew that getting the best mechanically sound 40 was the way to go. I do not mind...
  16. imagirl

    Grandpa's 1973 FJ 40

  17. imagirl

    Went for my first drive and is this normal?

    Ive been trying to get my cooling fan to work for too long! I'm jealous, I have only had it work once and was thrilled to hear the humm. Now I am stuck propping the hood when it gets hot after long drives. Good for you
  18. imagirl

    How to roll back odometer?

    00000 I get a kick out of driving it and watching it turn...
  19. imagirl

    New owner. '69 FJ40

    beautiful Honda, even more beautiful fj. Congratulations
  20. imagirl

    First trip to Gorman

    I will check it out, that's a lot closer. Thanks.
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