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    Wifey Mad, Me Glad

    If you do not use this opportunity to get a slee's sliders, the opportunity might never come........
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    Is this reasonable tire wear?

    I would say the worn out tires are more a reflection of the driving styles of the PO than anything else. Some on this board need tires less than every 25k miles. As far as the upgrade from 450 is concerned, if you can afford it, why not? 2003 is generally regarded as the sweet spot in this...
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    Has Anyone Had A Tranny Failure?

    I started a poll several months ago about this after hearing that the trannies in earlier 100s had been failing a lot. However, out of the many visitors in this site, there were only a few who posted that they had experienced tranny failures. I do not think it is a common problem either. My...
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    pre-mixed toyota red coolant

    How much distilled water? If you know how much distilled water I will need to do a coolant exchange, please let me know. I bought 4 gallons of the Toyota premixed SLLC today, but need to know how much distilled water to buy? Thanks in advance.
  5. K

    pre-mixed toyota red coolant

    Jim, do you remember how much distilled water you needed? Thanks.
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    Rear Differential Fluid Change

    Did that one today. A few months ago, when I tried doing the TC and the diff oil changes, I was able to do only the TC. Since then, thanks to the wonderful new idea of breaker bars;) (I keep hearing that there is something revolutionary coming in the next few months called blinkers:D), I have...
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    Rear Differential Fluid Change

    I did the rear differential oil change today. Used Mobil1 synthetic (75W-90). Man, does gear oil stink or what...... I used a manual pump and a 10 foot tube to get the oil in. I had attempted to do this a few months back, but could not get the darn drain plug to open. I applied as much force...
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    03 or 04 help plz

    Soberman, Thanks for clarifying.
  9. K

    03 or 04 help plz

    Is there an easy or semi-easy way to install bluetooth on a 2000?
  10. K

    Replacing spark plugs

    BMWSTOY, Thanks to your tips, I was able to change the spark plugs myself. It is all done now. Took about two hours, but I enjoyed doing it and saved the $130 that the dealer was asking for. Again, thanks for you description of the work.
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    Featured 100 - Morty

    What a nice truck. Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures.
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    How often is everyone repacking front bearings?

    I do not have the symptom you mention, but I don't think it has ever been done in my truck either. I also wonder if this is something I can do on my own...
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    I need Cruiser Dan

    Seriously, Dan is the way to go. I am a believer now. Call American Toyota at (800) 650-5584 and you should find Dan. This is in Albuquerque.
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    Amount of ATF fluid...

    Does this help?
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    transmission fluid change

    SWUtah, 1. It was on operating temperature 2. I did shift from D, R, N. In fact, I shifted from P all the way to D3 and back. I checked the oil level the day after I did the drain and fill and it still shows as being a bit over. 3. It was on level surface.
  16. K

    transmission fluid change

    Tranny dipstick measurement I did a drain and fill two days ago. After filling up the tranny oil, when I use the measuring stick to check the oil level (in operating temperature), it shows that it is about 5mm above the "High" marker. Is it okay to leave it as is or should I drain a little...
  17. K

    Oil, Filter and change interval question?

    Calamari, The reason I am planning on doing 7500 intervals instead of 10k is only due to the fact that when I exchanged the oil after 7500 miles, it looked a bit burnt. I did not put the 5w-20 oil in. I went to the store and got some 5w-30 (and no I did not drive the 100 with no oil in it).
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    Oil, Filter and change interval question?

    I have decided to run the 7500 mile interval using M1 full synthetic oil and the Japanese-made OEM oil filter on my 100. To do an oil change yesterday, after draining the oil, changing the oil filter and getting ready to pour the new oil in, I realized that I had mistakenly bought 5w-20...
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    I'm back...still looking for a 100...

    I got my 2000 with 93K on the odo (90k service was not done) for 17K. I have spent about 300 in parts and ~750 in labor for the 90K service items so far and I still have to do the coolant flush, spark plugs replaced and the front and rear diff fluids replaced. I think I would have been able to...
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    dealer ripping me off???

    Yes Wellcraft, That is exactly what I did. Brought my own parts. Saved at least $300 by doing so. I think some dealerships allow this and others don't.
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