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  1. packetstormin

    Buying/Selling - what year, how much, etc. - ask for opinions here

    Hey everyone, I need some help pricing my rig for sale. I have a 2000 that is rust free and up to date on maintenance. It has 237 thousand miles on it. I bought it when it had 134 thousand miles on it. Recent new parts include factory steering rack and water pump and timing belt, and...
  2. packetstormin

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    I run these on my 80 and love them. How tall is the 305?
  3. packetstormin

    Front diff bushing replacement?

    Bump for help.
  4. packetstormin

    Front diff bushing replacement?

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but does anyone have install directions for this? I will be replacing the whole assembly not just the bushings. Does the truck have to be sitting on its wheels or on jack stands? Does the diff have to be supported when unbolting bushing holder and bushings?
  5. packetstormin

    Complete Stereo Overhaul

    I'm redoing my factory stereo too. Factory amp died. I will post up my in a thread soon. I had to modify my front speaker holders to accommodate my new speakers. The rear door speakers were pretty easy though.
  6. packetstormin

    Door Lock Actuator Replacement

    How does the actuator assembly unbolt so I can have enough room to pull it out of the door to pry the lid off?
  7. packetstormin

    Door lock actuator motor help

    Thanks. Thats the info I needed.
  8. packetstormin

    Door lock actuator motor help

    Looked at the threads and there was no concrete answer as to which motor to buy off of eBay. I know the shaft is 10mm, but do I need the round shaft version or flat shaft version? Also, what is the deal with the collar? Do they come on the shaft already or do I reuse them off my old motor ?
  9. packetstormin

    Coil Pack Cracked?

    Quite a few of my coil packs had cracks when I removed them to do the valve cover gasket. I simply mixed up some epoxy and put it over the cracks so they would last a lot longer. Mine are OEM Toyota Denso. You can look online and find the Denso "packs for around 80$or $90 a piece.
  10. packetstormin

    wife just hit a deer...where to get ds fender, light fixture, etc?

    They have aftermarket fenders on eBay for 250.
  11. packetstormin

    Long Time Jeep Guy Brings a Land Cruiser Home

    I am somewhat curious why you chose a 100 series vs the 80? Seeing that you were coming from a hardcore wheeler that I am guessing you used rock crawling. Were you looking to do more overlanding style trips? By the way I see you are in NM, have you ever run the goose lake trail in red river?
  12. packetstormin

    Long Time Jeep Guy Brings a Land Cruiser Home

    My brother has a 2012 rubi and it has been a great vehicle. Eventually when my 80 surpasses financial sense to repair and keep on the road I will get a rubi. That being said, the 100 series will always be my goto overland rig. I will always have a hundy in my stable for overlanding purposes.
  13. packetstormin

    New BFG 285/75 16 KO2's installed with pix !!

    What kind of MPG are you getting with these?
  14. packetstormin

    Front sway bar bushings

    What are the steps to replace them on the 100 series. Does the suspension have to be unloaded ? It seems like there is a quite a bit of tension in the sway bar and I'm not sure the best way to tackle this project. I have done the front sway bushings on my 80 and it seems very different.
  15. packetstormin

    Valve cover gasket tips

    Could not find the answer, so figured I would post here. I know the coils have to be pulled in order to do the gasket, but do I have to remove the spark plugs?
  16. packetstormin

    1998 Engine Replacement Q's

    Agree. I would offer around 2500. Also, you should call a couple wreckers and see what they would offer, then use that as negotiating ammo. In the end, if no ones buys it the way it is and they don't fix it, then it will end up at a wreckers.
  17. packetstormin

    1998 Engine Replacement Q's

    Hell I am trying to sell a 2000 that runs for 8k. You can find better cruisers out there just keep looking.
  18. packetstormin

    What aftermarket break pads did you buy?

    Why not ? Some upgrades are superior such as upgrading to better pads and rotors. Also, do you want to pay 110 dollars for a factory rear wheel bearing that is stamped with Toyota (also has koyo on it) or 73 bucks for Koyo with is also stamped with Toyota from partsgeek. I would rather save...
  19. packetstormin

    What aftermarket break pads did you buy?

    Have about 600 miles on them now and I really like them. Very quiet. Break in suggestions were a little weird though.
  20. packetstormin

    What aftermarket break pads did you buy?

    Went with stoptech rotors and ebc yellow stuff pads. So far I like this setup a lot.
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