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  1. BigBlueTLC

    ASAP Flaps for the 200

    2021 LC HE, 305/65/18, stock bumpers, 1” spacers
  2. BigBlueTLC

    Any recommendation on a windshield replacement shop in Charlotte area?

    Ask for Jamie from Mobile Pro Autoglass in charlotte. Best in the business, knows how to use the rivet gun for 100s. He comes to you. I’ve replaced all our windshields with him.
  3. BigBlueTLC

    Speeding up the rear hatch opening speed

    I can’t tell if you’re messing with us. Pretty comfy on the couch but tempted to run to the garage and try it. 😂
  4. BigBlueTLC

    SOLD 2004 Land Cruiser SAN DIEGO, CA 144,000 miles

    Very interested. PM’d you.
  5. BigBlueTLC

    Anyone making any trips from AL to NC

    It’s a long shot, but anyone making a trip to NC that goes through Midland City AL? Hoping to purchase a roof rack from a gentleman in AL. Will compensate for time/gas. Thanks in advance.
  6. BigBlueTLC

    Am I an idiot for selling my 100 for a new defender?

    I’ve owned a new RR velar. Will never drive a RR again…. Software issues, dead battery in the first month, trunk button didn’t function randomly, “coolant level low” warning after dealer topped it off, list goes on… RR makes the best looking cars. Most likely you will enjoy the defender for a...
  7. BigBlueTLC

    200 Series LED lighting upgrades

    21 heritage edition. Interested in the light kit for a review! (Messaged you about the retro for the 2004 LC as well)
  8. BigBlueTLC

    SOLD DIY Wedge Rooftop Tent

    nice! How much and location?
  9. BigBlueTLC

    SOLD Raleigh NC: ARB Fridge tray for 100 series

    I am interested. What size fridge does it fit?
  10. BigBlueTLC

    Scratched rear bumper

    Time for a dissent rear bumper! Or just touch up paint 🤷‍♂️
  11. BigBlueTLC

    200 series picture thread

    Looks like cape lookout!
  12. BigBlueTLC

    200 series exhaust system

    Is this an easy install? Love the sounds!
  13. BigBlueTLC

    Wanted Low mileage 100 series land cruiser

    Let me know if you are interested! 2002 Toyota Landcruiser · Sport Utility 4D -
  14. BigBlueTLC

    Wanted WTB: RUST-FREE, Gray Interior, <~175k miles, LC/LX

    I have mine for sale in NC. Feel free to call me with questions (704)430-6907. 200 on the way and switching this for a sequoia.
  15. BigBlueTLC

    Wanted VA, Late model 100 Series

    Not sure if he is considering 2002. Flexible on price, moving to a sequoia.
  16. BigBlueTLC

    Owl Expedition Step Sliders

    Vote for: No kick out but bigger step!
  17. BigBlueTLC

    Owl Expedition Step Sliders

    I like this design. Interested!
  18. BigBlueTLC

    Regular VS Premium - let’s put an end to an ongoing debate?

    I could not decide... so I split the difference and went 89 non ethanol
  19. BigBlueTLC

    Builds My Backwoods Overland built URJ200 “Jolene”---

    Amazing build! Have you had any issues with that offset? Thinking about going with these braids on stock suspension.
  20. BigBlueTLC

    Issues with the power rear gate?

    Check that the power trunk is switched on. Button is below steering while by your right knee.
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