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  1. tarbe

    FJ40 engine and FJ80 engine for sale (Incl Transmissions).

    I just started working the wife over last night concerning finding a fixer-upper cruiser for my 14 year old son. Timing is everything.... Hope someone in is position to benefit from your generosity!
  2. tarbe

    starter from a 97 lx450, core-ing it...anybody in Houston want?

    Wow! Sounds like you have had some issues. Everything lined out now, or do you still have some work to do? No need to go it alone, unless you want to. Give a hollar if you need a hand.
  3. tarbe

    Jan. Pres. Election

    Man, TLCA chapters are kinda like little churches some times, aren't they? :grinpimp: I guess probably because they are both populated with those darn rascally humans:doh:
  4. tarbe

    Wheel'n in Amarillo?

    I wheeled there in 1995. It is (mostly anyway) private land. The ranch owner and Jeep Jamboree have had a deal going for quite a few years. Neat place.
  5. tarbe

    I C B M Sept 23 24 25 2005

    Funny how the camera makes the trail look tame. That is actually a 12 foot vertical drop-off :D
  6. tarbe

    I C B M Sept 23 24 25 2005

    I guess you could call them dirt least part of the way!
  7. tarbe

    I C B M Sept 23 24 25 2005

    So, Marde. Did Chris tell you about all the things we did to your 80 at the Ramble?? :)
  8. tarbe

    Okay, how wide a rim for a 295 75/16 ?

    I have the BFG 295/75 on my stock '97 FZJ-80 rims. Works fine and dandy. So yes, 8" is fine with this tire.
  9. tarbe

    I C B M Sept 23 24 25 2005

    Chris You gonna wheel the 80 again (like the Ramble)?
  10. tarbe

    Vote for Roundup 2006 Dates

    I voted the first week in March out of deference to the River Shiver. I'll go regardless of the date.
  11. tarbe

    Roundup '06?

    Late February is perfect IMHO. I'm looking forward to my first Roundup.
  12. tarbe

    80 series brakes

    Go with the 100 series pads. Mine dropped right into the calipers and really made a difference (I got oem). It is recommended to get new rotors so the pads will wear in correctly.
  13. tarbe

    LSLC-Houston June meeting

    Is that southern CO (Blanca Peak area) or near Death Valley?
  14. tarbe

    LSLC-Houston June meeting

    He gives a pretty nice back rub, too. Ask me how I know!
  15. tarbe

    LSLC Houston May Meeting

    Yup, that was me. Looks like maybe a bit of a date conflict brewing on the next GTG. We'll have to work on it... 18th vs 25th....maybe wrenching on the 18th and beer for those who partake on the 25th? Jim - what date were you looking at for doing Buck's rear bearings? I thought it was...
  16. tarbe

    I C B M Sept 23 24 25 2005

    Hopefully we can make more of a showing from Houston than we did at the Ramble. How 'bout it Houston contingent? Gonna make plans?
  17. tarbe

    LSLC Houston May Meeting

    Sounds good. I can fill you in on all the stories Butch told about you at the Ramble :eek:
  18. tarbe

    LSLC Houston May Meeting

    Hey Dunbar! You've met me, too! We met one Sunday Morning up in Tomball. You were changing diapers on the side of the road, I think :) Hope to see you at the next GTG. BTW guys, I am in the Hampton Inn on the West side of LR, AR. Will be at the Ramble the next two days. Hope I don't...
  19. tarbe

    LSLC Houston May Meeting

    I left the un-opened 5 gallons in Jim's garage. Anyone with 4 rare Landcruisers is first in line for the freebie in my book! We still need to do Jim's FF...either way, I'd like to see that 12 year old diff lube drain out! You did say it was original, right? :eek: I have a couple oil...
  20. tarbe

    LSLC Houston May Meeting

    I hope you noticed I followed appropriate protocol and allowed the senior member to do the slapping :)
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