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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Wanted: AISIN hubs!! I am in need of a pair of AISIN hubs in excellent condition. I will also consider just the aluminum hub body, studs and cone washers. I am also interested in a pair of 60 series rear axle shafts, must be in excellent condition and *reasonable* price. If you're parting out...
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    paint for a rack?

    If there's a decent powdercoater near you, you might want to check into it. *Good* powdercoating is very durable, especially in an application exposed to the elements like a roof rack, and since black is probably the most common color used by most powdercoaters, you stand to get a very good deal...
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    what is rebuilt 5 speed worth?

    If you're willing to pay that kind of money, I'll sell you my H55F (used, untouched) for $1,500 FIRM...PM me.
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    Overhead storage

    Scott, a buddy of mine just integrated TWO of these Tuffy boxes into a full cage and they're very nice quality. Email me at: <> and let me know how big your internet connection is, I can send you some pics.
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    70 series swappability

    It depends on what 70 series. For the most part, they are compatible, at least the axles are. The P/S setup can be used with some tweaking.
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