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  1. battle

    Where to find seals for mini truck power steering box?

    A few years back, I put an '85 mini truck power steering box on my pig using JT Outfitters mounting bracket. Install was a snap, and it was a great upgrade to the pig. Unfortunately, the box (which was given to me by a friend) had a slight leak. After running it for some time the leak has...
  2. battle

    carb adapter source?

    Anybody know where to get an adapter plate for 2f manifold to Motorcraft 2 barrel(same bolt pattern as Holley 2barrel)? Looks like Downey off road sells a kit for $100, but all I need is the adapter plate.
  3. battle

    Dual exaust on a 2F?

    I've got a jeep scrambler with a 258 and dual exhaust. It's got a dual outlet, two peice header, so it just seemed logical to go dual. I'm running two vortex classic mufflers( muffler shop called 'em flowmaster knockoffs). I like the way it sounds- throaty, but not too loud. It sounds a lot...
  4. battle

    Rochester Carb Help

    I've got a '74 f engine that a p.o. put a rochester 2 barrel on. It has a man a fre adapter, so I think it may have been one of their old carb kits. I'd like to rebuild or exchange, but I can't positively identify the carb. The only markings that I find are: GM 2 jet Rochester RP Does...
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