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  1. Sea Knight

    Curious accessories on this '40

    You don’t see many unmolested 40’s. Looks like it belongs in a museum. I’d keep it. Curious why he didn’t list it on BAT? Jeff, I think the original owner is daid. :rimshot:
  2. Sea Knight

    Anyone wanna drive my 100 to Seattle?

    Heck Yeah, the shortest route is never the most interesting route. We should talk. :beer:
  3. Sea Knight

    Anyone wanna drive my 100 to Seattle?

    I replied, check your messages. The drive from Austin to Seattle is awesome, have made it many times. This is a busy time for us, but maybe I can help. We should discuss dates. Shoot me an email.
  4. Sea Knight

    For Sale, Trade, or Free!

    That should work. Long as I don’t have to see her go. But don’t list it just yet.… I think I’ve got a few miles left in the tank. 🥴🤞🙏
  5. Sea Knight

    For Sale, Trade, or Free!

    Just don’t ever sell this old guy... It would break my heart.😎
  6. Sea Knight

    Considering a 73 FJ40 in Austin...

    Wasn’t aware of a July gathering but was out of town anyway. And about to leave again. I answer emails. The last one received from you was 3/10/19, and I did reply. Nothing since then. I assumed you’d escaped the People’s Republic of Austin. Sounds like you did. Props to ya. 🍸
  7. Sea Knight

    Considering a 73 FJ40 in Austin...

    Yep, still here, still hangin on . Wife, not so much, but getting better. Very nice almost stock 40 with the usual body panel rust. PO did a lot of quality mechanical work. Body just needs a little TLC, but who doesn’t? Jeff, I thought you bailed on s***hole Austin years ago? I got...
  8. Sea Knight

    Who’s going to RO?

  9. Sea Knight

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Thanks Luis. See you this weekend. :beer:
  10. Sea Knight

    2020 Lone Star Cruiser Round Up...Rescheduled!

    In :cool::beer::beer::beer:
  11. Sea Knight

    Club T-Shirt Order Thread (Official) UPDATE!

    Large? Dave, someone has hacked into your MUD account. :rofl:
  12. Sea Knight

    Calling Austin Cruisers - New FJ40 owner looking for help

    Yep, I've been running a DUI for at least 5 years. Never had a problem of any kind. $350 including wires is a super deal. I have this one, with the "live wires," which are required. Bought them from Cruiser Corps.
  13. Sea Knight

    Cad Plating in Austin - Recommendations?

    Del's Plating Works in Houston Cadmium Plating - Cadmium Electroplating - QQ-P-416F | Del's Plating Works - Houston, TX
  14. Sea Knight

    For Sale, Trade, or Free!

    Yeah, that guy can’t be trusted around real beer. But I hear he always leaves your Lone Star and Bud Lite.
  15. Sea Knight

    For Sale, Trade, or Free!

    Sorry Dave. You snooze, you lose. ;):rimshot:
  16. Sea Knight

    Roundup shot from above

    Cool shot Carson. Thanks for posting. You're welcome in our rag-tag camp any time.:cheers:
  17. Sea Knight

    Lone Star Cruiser Round Up 2018

    The pit crew is locked and loaded. We'll get 'er done this weekend.
  18. Sea Knight

    Christmas 2017

    Merry Christmas Gentlemen! :cheers:
  19. Sea Knight

    For Sale, Trade, or Free!

    Pat, have you seen pics of the San Marcos top? Be sure it's not this guy, before you commit to buy.o_O
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