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  1. TJDIV

    1998 Tacoma V6 in 1968 FJ45LV Wagon

    well, I was looking at it with a friend of mine and for some reason we thought the transfer case was going to be on the wrong side for the front d/s. With the manual it has the transfer case problem solved. Unless we're retarded enough to look into it too far. (which is possible). Regardless...
  2. TJDIV

    1998 Tacoma V6 in 1968 FJ45LV Wagon

    :o I'm getting the conversion together for a Tacoma V6 to go into an FJ45LV wagon I bought and am concerned about whether or not the Auto transmission will be adaptable for the 4 wheel drive. I know the manual transmission will work, but then I'd be sitting on an automatic from a...
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