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  1. Steel

    Wanted FJ40 Front Seat Bracket Its number #55 Thanks.
  2. Steel

    Wanted FJ40 Front Seat Bracket

    Hello, I need the front drivers side (triangle shaped) seat bracket for a 78 FJ40. I think 73-78 will work. Please email me pics at Thanks!
  3. Steel

    Man-A-Fre Exhaust Problem

    Here is another close up. Lemmeknow whats up.
  4. Steel

    Man-A-Fre Exhaust Problem

  5. Steel

    Man-A-Fre Exhaust Problem

    Does anyone else think that this exhaust pipe needs to be at least 2 inches longer so it can clear the frame cross bar? From what I can tell it doesn't look like it will clear the body when it gets put back on. Did anyone have this issue with their bolt on exhaust exhaust for the two piece header?
  6. Steel

    Wanted Carb Fan

    Hello, Anyone have a complete working Carb Fan for a 78 FJ40? Thanks
  7. Steel

    Bell Housing/Fly Wheel Cover Gasket

    What are you guys using, as a replacement, since they discontinued the bell housing gasket set? Tanks!
  8. Steel

    Silver-Pewter powder coating.

    Shane, Have you tried Morton Stardust Silver? I have read that it is the closest to the stock pewter. Although that looks pretty good. Do you know which brand is that? p.s. Those decals I got today from you rock!
  9. Steel

    Tubs: Aluminum vs. Steel

    What I would like to see is someone make an aluminum tub with the same factory ribs as the steel.
  10. Steel

    Wanted Air Cleaner Inlet
  11. Steel

    Wanted Air Cleaner Inlet

    Looking for a clean inlet for a 11/78 fj40. It is item number 38 on SOR's website. Thanks
  12. Steel

    reproduction dash pad

    My Dash pad to too far gone for a cover. I bought the plastic cover, but I am not going to be able to use it.
  13. Steel

    reproduction dash pad

    I thought they were no longer available?
  14. Steel

    reproduction dash pad

    Has anyone used one of these urethane dash pads? It looks like it would be better then the foam OEM.
  15. Steel

    Tubs: Aluminum vs. Steel

    Now that there seems to be the option of a new steel tub ( I am not sure which route to go. What do you think adds more value to a rebuild: Steel or Aluminum ?
  16. Steel

    Aluminum body -- good place to buy?

    I Called arounded and Rocky Mountain gave me the best price on shipping.
  17. Steel

    Cadmium plating

    Yes, trying to keep the orginal hardware looking new. I guess any type platting that looks yellow/gold will do.
  18. Steel

    Cadmium plating

    Does anyone know of a place where I can send my old hardware and have it yellow cad plated? Thanks
  19. Steel

    Where to buy door patch panel. Local vendors or the small guy.

    Did you try these guys? Good Luck!
  20. Steel

    Builds ROTW Alumacruiser

    Very Nice! Where do you get those radiator hose clamps?
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