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    Colorado:for sale fzj80 center caps

    Interested, Pics please.
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    For Sale [TX] FZJ80 various parts

    Would you part out the center caps? I just need one. Do they have all the clips?
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    For Sale 94 frame mount hitch (SC)

    I'm in Greenville but not exactly sure what you got. Can I get a pic?
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    LC80 OEM tool set.

    Can I get some pics? Whats the condition?
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    For Sale NC: Misc. 80 series parts and pieces

    Power steering reservoir cap? Let me know, thanks.
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    For Sale 80 Series Parts (Garage Clean-up)

    Got pics of the EGR Valve?
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    For Sale FJ80 OEM springs and mats

    Condition and pics of the mats, color?
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