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    Rear Door Exit Handle?

    Thanks Steve, Im gong to start on the conversion sunday. I appreciate the help. Capdaddy
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    Rear Door Exit Handle?

    Switawi, Yes you nailed that one, greasy camp dinner is a great reason for a "FAST Exit" mod. capdaddy
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    FJ vs Wrangler unlimited

    I Tried, I read through your thread and i cant believe how eerily similar your situation was to mine. My wife was set on a 4 door wrangler, but i liked the FJ. We decided to test drive both. I held my comments as she drove the wrangler (rubicon), but i could tell she was disappointed...
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    Rear Door Exit Handle?

    Hello All, Ive been lurking here for a long time, but i havent seen anything on this mod. Has anyone come up with a handle for the inside of the tail gate on the FJC? When i camp out solo and sleep in the FJ, exiting the vehicle is a PITA when i have to climb over the front seats in order...
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