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    Another rounded transfer case bolt thread

    Chisel and hammer.
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    Wanted 93-94 RH Headlight Assy

    Rocks got a little friendly with the passenger side headlight a few weeks ago. Nothing here locally. Shipping would be to 85206. Thanks...
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    craigslist 2005 Dodge Durango LTD - Mesa AZ

    2005 Dodge Durango Limited
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    Wanted 93-96 FJZ very motivated to Buy.

    Not 100% what you're looking for, but I will be bringing this out to Ohio at the end of the month. Newly rebuilt engine, tons of receipts all the way back to 1993. Not locked, 99% stock, no rust, very clean inside and out. 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay
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    New 1FZ-FE Short Block alignment pins

    Check out Might need to register to see all the part numbers/drawings - very helpful site!
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    eBay Clean Unlocked '93 FZJ80 in AZ

    1993 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay
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    2015 Update: Windshield Options

    56121-60100 Lists for $67.80
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    Melted cats! Need some options.

    Last time I tested, I lived in Gilbert (now Queen Creek). Since my '95 is technically pre-OBD2, they've only done a visual inspection like they do on our '93 & '94. They might have done an idle test (I don't remember, but you're probably right, Mike). Either way, we pass every time.
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    Melted cats! Need some options.

    After 350K miles, the cats on my wife's '93 were hollow - everything was in the muffler, which sounded like a maraca. I left the hollow cats in place and swapped in a new Bosal muffler with a stock tailpipe. Pretty much the same sound as the OEM muffler, with slightly better performance which I...
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    Now the fun begins

    From one 20%er to another 20%er, Welcome!
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    Looking for replacement leather options for my 96 LX450

    With shipping, it came to $696. I have a complete set of leather covers, door panels, arm rests, etc in my '94 that I bought from Shane about 7 years ago. Despite living in the AZ heat, they have held up pretty well. In fact, the leather still looks new except for a tear on the side of the...
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    Think I saw a bunch of y'all on I-40 heading through Nashville last Wednesday (5/6). So if you saw some dude proudly displaying the 'Mud salute :flipoff2: out the window, while passing you in loaded down Toyota Echo with AZ plates - that was me! Bringing my daughter back from college in VA. Nice...
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    Looking for replacement leather options for my 96 LX450

    Thought I'd bump this thread after pulling the trigger on a set of replacement leather from Shane. I ordered a front row set in brown for my '95 on 4/4 and received it on 4/25. Shane was pretty good about keeping me in the loop with production time and shipping time estimates. In fact, it...
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    New Bulbs and Now the Rear Defroster is Fixed!

    I hope $32 for two bulbs is a misprint.
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    Cat Cleaning Citric & Oxalic Acid. CO Emissions

    I would try a stronger mixture of alcohol. I've run 1:2 ratio for emissions testing and passed with flying colors.
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    6mpg from a 3fe!!! What gives!!!!

    My wife's '93 was having crappy gas mileage issues. Turns out the O2 sensors were bad. No engine light, but codes were stored in the ECU. Two new sensors, and her mileage has gone from crappy (9-11MPG) to sucky (13-14MPG).
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    Oil Pan Removal Mod

    I admire your spirit and savvy, but wouldn't it be easier to loosen the engine mounts, raise the engine a couple inches and drop the oil pans? I've had the joy of resealing two oil pans, but never thought much about raising the engine to complete the job. I'm sure if I have to reseal them again...
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    Another oil pressure thread, low pressure with little fluctuation.

    My wife's '93 had a similar issue on a newly rebuilt engine. Turns out the piston for the bypass valve in the cooler was stuck. Once I pulled the oil cooler cover off and replaced the internals, the pressure was in the "normal" range again.
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    265-75-16 Tires versus OEM Size 270-70-16

    Why not run the KO's in the stock size?
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    Oil Filter P/N 90915-20004 -- Found Some

    $16 seems pretty rich. What is CDan selling them for?
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