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  1. NM Frontier

    Builds LS80 Build by Back Bay Customs

    Wow that is nice!
  2. NM Frontier

    Pop top

    I've seen @Cruzilla conversion in person and it is VERY trick. It all looks like its meant to be there as one unit.
  3. NM Frontier

    Testing HIR lamps - What I found

    Just replaced my 7 year old PIAA extreme white 9006 low beams witch I thought were great, with 9011 third gen Philips and I can say I noticed a brighter difference. I don't have good comparison photo to prove it but I will not go back to the PIAAs and when the 9005s in the high beams go out I...
  4. NM Frontier

    Builds Poverty packin’: 1992 HZJ80 in Texas

    Damn this thing it great! Thanks for the detailed documentation for all of us!
  5. NM Frontier

    Remind me; and my lame introduction to the group. Cheers.

    Southern NM is a great place to have a Land Cruiser, glad you got it back. I don't remember seeing to many 80s in Cruces. Let's see some pics!
  6. NM Frontier

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    @Bogan Great photos as always!
  7. NM Frontier

    Builds 1993 refreshed (now gone) and 1995 build up with new OEM engine

    That is going to be a hell of a "Shop Truck"
  8. NM Frontier

    Builds Land Cruiser Products scores another turbo 80

    Very nice! Checks all of the dream ride boxes for me.:beer:
  9. NM Frontier

    2018 Review // 2019 Planning

    2018: Brake pads Lots of gas Oil Changes 2019: More Gas More oil changes I hope that's all!
  10. NM Frontier

    Another tire option - Cooper Discoverer AT/3

    Love mine, perfect desert and winter driving tire! I think these are very under rated, can’t believe more folks aren’t taking about them.
  11. NM Frontier

    FJ80 "TRD Off Road" Rear Quarter Panel Decals

    I think @cruiserdan said it best: TRD = Toyota Re-badge Department
  12. NM Frontier

    Considering Cruise Moab 2018

    Dude, over thinking all this; leave the truck as it is, gas it up and go have a hell of a good time in Moab. :flipoff2:
  13. NM Frontier

    Driving Teton pass in a 80

    I drove that route twice last fall, fully loaded with gear and no issues at all. Traffic seems to always be so busy your dreaming of 55mph! Once I learned to just give it in 2nd passes are a non issue, it just takes a few to learn to relax at 4500rpm.
  14. NM Frontier

    Where have all the rear bumper fabricators gone!?

    To the OP, I think you should look in to BOI a bit more, the wing profile matches up very well in person. Mike's service was absolutely top notch! And he offers a bunch of custom swing out options if you decide to go that route. I did not want to cut anything so I went with the standard and not...
  15. NM Frontier

    Builds GCRad1's 1992 ADV80 LAND CRUISER

    Always fun to see hobbies get crossed; Mountain Bikes, Cruisers and RC is about as cool as it gets. Mark Weir is defiantly one of my heroes!
  16. NM Frontier

    Builds GCRad1's 1992 ADV80 LAND CRUISER

    You must have a true dream job! Just saw your rig and assuming you to in this: All In The Name Of Fun - Video - Pinkbike Looks like a hell of a weekend!
  17. NM Frontier

    Replacing Worn Leather with Wet Okole or similar?

    The Tuff Ducks don't seem to be any worse then the leather in the summer, no better but not worse.
  18. NM Frontier

    A 1990 HZJ80 mini-refurb from Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia looks beautiful! What an incredible landscape you have shared with us, not to mention some killer cruisers also!
  19. NM Frontier

    A 1990 HZJ80 mini-refurb from Saudi Arabia

    Love it!
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