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  1. Dannomite

    1974 Paint colors?

    Hope this helps.
  2. Dannomite

    Plastic fender repair

    If you want to keep it looking good, I'd replace the plastic. There's not much you can do to broken plastic and keep it looking good.
  3. Dannomite

    Primed surface

    I may be wrong (please tell me if I am), but water will go through the primer and rust the metal. I think it's different with epoxy primer though.
  4. Dannomite

    What's wrong with bondo?

    Bondo (the filler) isn't bad if used for the right reasons. The only way it'll absorbe water is if the body prep isn't done right and if there is no paint and primer on it. BONDO Smoothing out body imperfections ---> Good Being lazy and covering rust or holes---> Bad
  5. Dannomite

    Using Fiberglass?

    Don't forget a respirator and rubber/latex gloves. As said before, this s*** is messy.
  6. Dannomite

    stripping chrome

    You could take it to a sand blasting shop or you could just grind the chrome off.
  7. Dannomite

    Another body work thread

    Looks good. Keep the pics coming.
  8. Dannomite

    Using Fiberglass?

    Doing cloth and resin for a beater is fine, but i'd rather weld new metal if you have a welder. I just find it's a real pain to work with at times and can be a real mess. Let us know how it works out.
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