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  1. JPHockerAZ

    gbentink Turbo Upgrade Users Thread

    Gbentink, Do you have a website or thread somewhere with specs and pricing on your turbos? I am interested. - hijack over.
  2. JPHockerAZ

    Part # for 12v Starter 2H/12HT

    Maybe some of our friends from down under can call toyota for us and run the part # to see if its good? :) Anyone?
  3. JPHockerAZ

    The Iron Mule: 12HT -> FJ60

    12v starter for a 12ht shows part # 28100-47071.
  4. JPHockerAZ

    HJ61 Cable lockers need help for rebuild

    Japan 4x4 will not take forever either:)
  5. JPHockerAZ

    HJ61 Cable lockers need help for rebuild

    The toyota part # for the carrier bearings with diff lock are 90366-60002 Good luck
  6. JPHockerAZ

    WTD: Part # for 1HDT starter contacts

    Contacts for a 01/1990 - 08/1992 according to current EPC are: Motor side 28226-54220 Battery side 28226-56250 :cheers:
  7. JPHockerAZ

    Front brakes for Aussie BJ42, am I losing my mind, or is SOR?

    So on a auusie 83 bj42 the front brakes were drums not disks?
  8. JPHockerAZ

    LHD late model HDJ80 ?

    Does anyone know if a LHD 1HDFT (24 valve) powered HDJ80 was ever available WITHOUT an EGR system. If so what country?
  9. JPHockerAZ

    1989 hj-61 vx 12ht

    I really like your truck, sweet color, options condition and price. I would have bought it yesterday if I lived in Canada and not here. Good Luck with the sale and have the mods move this to the for sale section.:cheers:
  10. JPHockerAZ

    Question for 93+ hdj81 owners

    I assume the electric speedo applies to a manual tranny as well?
  11. JPHockerAZ

    Question for 93+ hdj81 owners

    On your HDJ81 built after 93 do you have a oil level sensor? Is your speedometer cable or electric driven? Thanks
  12. JPHockerAZ

    My 2F to 1HZ-T swap thread

    Kevin, Glad you got home safe and that you had fun driving the journey down here. Your truck is amazing and fun to drive, keep us posted on the future progress. :cheers: Joel
  13. JPHockerAZ

    1hdt/h55 combo mated to 80 tranny?

    So any recomendations on the correct part time transfer case for this swap?
  14. JPHockerAZ

    1hdt/h55 combo mated to 80 tranny?

    I searched but could not find a direct answer. Does anyone out there know if you can put a 1hdt/h55 transmission combo to an 80 series transfer case. Does it bolt in, do shafts line up? How hard is it to take a RHD transmission and convert it to LHD in an 80. Thanks All :cheers:
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