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  1. PlutoBound

    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Lucky enough to bring this stock 2004 home today to join my 2000 LX470.
  2. PlutoBound

    Factory AHC Sensor Position

    I just ordered a new set and yes, they seem to be right in the middle.
  3. PlutoBound

    SOLD Galt, CA: (2) TRD Rock Warrior Wheels

    17” 5 lug wheels. The “TRD” in the center cap has been cleaned up, re-painted, and resin added over the top. Some visible scratches in the chrome and a few in the paint as well. $300 each. Happy to ship if you pay. 95632 area code.
  4. PlutoBound

    For Sale SF Bay Area: Icon compression w/ BFG KM3's 5x150

    How deep is the cupping on the two tires?
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  6. IMG_3427.jpeg


  7. PlutoBound

    For Sale NorCal 1990 FJ62

    I'm not sure how to remove this post but I've decided not to sell. Just can't part with it...
  8. PlutoBound

    For Sale NorCal 1990 FJ62

    Thank you? :) . To think I thought I was keeping it low key.
  9. PlutoBound

    For Sale NorCal 1990 FJ62

    :) I didn't care much about the mileage either as I never planned to sell it. Then life got in the way a bit.
  10. PlutoBound

    For Sale NorCal 1990 FJ62

    And I'll try changing out the VSV valves. :)
  11. PlutoBound

    For Sale NorCal 1990 FJ62

    Thanks! I did send it to them to repost and they wanted to set the reserve at $12,000. Probably reasonable in the end but I wasn't sure.
  12. PlutoBound

    For Sale NorCal 1990 FJ62

    Asking $14,500 for a well maintained 62 with 337k miles... I'm curious for everyone's input if this in unrealistic. I purchased through BAT in 2018 for $9,100 and have put quite a bit into it. I know vehicles tend to sell at a premium on BAT just not sure by how much. Spent most if its life in...
  13. PlutoBound

    Trade 2000 100 series for 60/62

    Message sent...
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