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  1. ojaij40

    1/4 turn stops on AC Freon lines

    Probably a dumb question, but I have to change out the AC compressor on my wife’s SRX Cadillac, and I recently pulled the AC condenser on a Forerunner, in both cases I have to release ( safely of course ) the Freon to accomplish this . Why isn’t it possible to put 1/4 turn stops just above where...
  2. ojaij40

    Is it possible to install timing belt backwards ?

    That’s for the reply Splitshot ,…I’m pretty pissed that the mechanic made that remark,…I think I will go to the parts house and check one out , I don’t see how the hell they could be directional
  3. ojaij40

    Small propane bottles

    Are you serious ? The extra ports have an internal pin that needs to be compressed when you screw on another hose , ( just like any tank has an internal check valve )
  4. ojaij40

    Is it possible to install timing belt backwards ?

    Hi guys, My son and I were trying to save my ex wife some $$ by installing a new timing belt on her 99 3.4 V6 Forerunner. I installed a new belt fot her about 10 years ago and it was simple project and ran fine . This tine , I supplied the driveway and the tools and my son did the work. It...
  5. ojaij40

    Frivolous stuff from 1975

    Very cool my friend,…….
  6. ojaij40

    Catalytic Converter Theft

    I took a concealed carry course in Pasadena Texas , and that’s not true there at all ,…
  7. ojaij40

    Pismo Turf & Surf 2021?

    Any pictures of Skillet ?
  8. ojaij40

    Online engine parts

    Hi guys , I’m working on my ex’s 99 Forerunner, 3.4 v6 and I need a crankshaft bolt that holds the damper on . I might be making too much of it , but anytime I’ve dealt with dealers the parts were crazy expensive. Does anybody have a good online source? Thank you in advance, OJ
  9. ojaij40

    reccomended names for the ol girl...??

  10. ojaij40


    Dude , that interior is off the hook !!
  11. ojaij40

    Dead Battery

    Get one of these , but still find the drain
  12. ojaij40

    EDIC mounting

    What is an EDIC ?
  13. ojaij40

    Builds 1969 FJ40 Father / Son Build

    LOVE It !!!
  14. ojaij40

    New B 66 rear axle rebuild advice wanted

    With the help of Mud Members no problem
  15. ojaij40

    2F serial number info...

    I believe the 73 would have a 1 F or a 11/2 F but not a 2F which I believe came out in 1975 ?
  16. ojaij40

    Builds 1969 FJ40 Father / Son Build

    Love it ! Can you please give us as much information right up front at the start of your build ? Like ( we know the year 1969 ) now how many known miles , is it stock 1F ? Had the motor been replaced , any options on it like PS , AC ? winch ? Ok ?
  17. ojaij40

    New B 66 rear axle rebuild advice wanted

    I doubt you will damage the stock rear end with those
  18. ojaij40

    The old permatex and dental floss fix

    Especially on high beams
  19. ojaij40

    The old permatex and dental floss fix

    Good old permatex will fix a lot of problems If you have a tiny drip on almost any plumbing, even after Teflon and pipe dope , permatex will fix it
  20. ojaij40

    High Oil Pressure?

    Hook up a real pressure gauge and verify the accuracy
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