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  1. K

    how many miles do you have on your 80

    1995 with 213,896 miles on original unopened engine. Leaks oil and probably needs valve seals. Oh well love it.
  2. K

    Anyone using the magnaflow y-pipe and cats?

    I wonder if they are crush bent or mandrel.
  3. K

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Did the front axle reconditioning and installed new birfs and installed slotted rotors and ceramic pads from Jonesy's. Also got the new u joints in the front axle will do the rears some time soon. Made it a whole new truck, I love it.
  4. K

    Builds The Minipi Cruiser Build

    What was your setup from EMS, cat and feature wise I really like the sound.
  5. K

    White Knuckle Slider options

    I would save the $100 and hit em with some Hammerite or another good quality paint. Also maybe skip the diamond plate and you/ have someone weld in expanded metal to the back as a step for the kids. But that is just me.
  6. K

    Locker code, but no switch?

    Ha I was just looking at the same Cruiser and thinking the same thing.
  7. K

    Steering Wheel Noise...??

    More than likely this is right. If I recall they are quite expensive. I just deal with mine.
  8. K

    Deja Vu with KM2's

    I use dyna beads in my motorcycle and have nothing but good to say about them even at very high speeds. I have put over 40k on dyna beads between 2 bikes. My LC will be getting them when I put the 285s on.
  9. K

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    No your not they are not open on Monday. ;)
  10. K

    Ironman snorkel vs fleaBay snorkel

    Thanks for the pics. I was just hoping it might look a little better than others but looks just like all of them I have ever had or seen.
  11. K

    Ironman snorkel vs fleaBay snorkel

    Anyone have any pictures of a Ironman snorkel mounted on their 80?
  12. K

    Fan spray washer nozzles?

    Thanks I had not really thought about it that hard. I will try to adjust them but a set that are similar to the ones on our Element would be nice.
  13. K

    Fan spray washer nozzles?

    Hmm I may look into what else will work mine are shooting over the windshield. Kinda funny but not useful.
  14. K

    Squeaky Steering Wheel

    Mine does it turning it to the left at certain point just a quick churp and then a full rotation and churp again. Figure its the Air bag thing that was mentioned earlier since its a 95 with an airbag.
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