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    BJ 40 Steering Linkage

    Prior to tightening clamps. I will tighten and check the position. Thank you
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    BJ 40 Steering Linkage

    I have finished the Knuckle restoration . Now in the process of installing TREs & Steering Linkage & noted a little play at the end of the Rod below the Pittman Arm. There is a unit secured by a Cotter Pin under Pittman Arm . Is there an adjustment inside to reduce that play ? Is there a...
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    Knuckle rebuilding tutorial

    OK I found it. The Author of the Post is Ishobie & the Page is 1412. The date is 24/08/2011.
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    Knuckle rebuilding tutorial

    There was a in detail Post on the above subject on 28/08/2011. Unfortunately I have not noted the name of the Author. Currently, I am in the process on rebuilding my knuckles as a DIY job & want to go through this Post again. Could someone trace this Post and find the name of the Author for me...
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    11/72 Transmission Boot

    A piece from the Tie Rod end of a Power Steering Rack boot could be used as an alternative if the original part difficult to find, as a DIY job.
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    What is Your Best Stranded by Your 40 Story

    Only once during the past 12+ years of my 1982 BJ40. Clutch slave seal was the culprit.
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    75' FJ40 Parked for 20+ years.

    Consider converting all four to Disk Brakes.
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    Starting Issues click. click. click.

    Verify whether "L" shaped contacts & round contact of the starter motor solenoid Plunger are pitted. If necessary replace them.
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    Rear main seal leak in 77 fj40

    Dear bhsdriller Is it the same procedure, removing #4 Main Bearing cap, for a BJ 40 too ? Thank you in advance
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    Rear fan motor rehab help please

    That Armature is burnet. You may have to get it rewound if necessary to keep the original. Best option is to replace with a similar Motor.
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    Driveline orientation

    it may also require a proper dust cover.
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    Tranny to Transfer case bypass hose

    Cheapest way to solve this is to fix two banjos with corresponding thread joined with a quality rubber hose & two stainless steel hose clips. This is a DIY job.
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    Wiper linkage bushing - Replace or upgrade?

    Source a linkage with exactly similar size bushes (diameter & depth) of some other vehicle from a used parts shop. Measure the exact length of your linkage with worn bushes. Cut the ends of both linkages & weld good ends of sourced one to your linkage to the measured length & to the same...
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    Reproduction Instrument Cluster Meter Speedometer Barrel Connector Repair & Installation Kits

    Could you inform me the price of a Barrel Connector (9 wires) inclusive of postage to Sri Lanka
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    Reproduction Instrument Cluster Meter Speedometer Barrel Connector Repair & Installation Kits

    could you send one barrel connector & 10 brass clips by post to Sri Lanka ? Including postage, how much it wii cost ?
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    BJ 40 High & Low beam Switch connections

    There are two sockets, 6 wire & a 2 wire, attached to this harness. In the 6 wire socket, seen from front, bottom row extreme Right is for power(+) and the Middle for high beam.Left is for low beam What are the connections for top row 3 wires ? In the 2 wire socket, power(+) & earth(-) for...
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    BJ 40 Front Axle breather

    Thank you Tony
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    BJ 40 Front Axle breather

    This is a 1982, 24 Volt BJ 40 . Could anyone kindly inform the BSPT Thread size of front axle breather line. It is very close to brake hose thread but not quite. I need the information to turnout a union to connect a breather to a higher level, to cross shallow streams. Thank you in advance.
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    I'm screwed?

    Try pulling the screws simultaneously while unscrewing, using a locking pliers & a ratchet screwdriver.
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    Alternator for bj40 1980

    I have successfully swapped a Hitachi(4HF1) ,24V, 60A, with the vacuum pump, for the stock 25A Alternator of my 1982 BJ40. This 4HFI Alternator originally comes with Isuzu 4HFI Engine.
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