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  1. theoii

    Wanted 1972 40 speedometer/odometer

    Need only the speedometer part of the gauge pod. Installed the mechanical gauges in my rig but the odometer has a stripped gear. speedometer works good.
  2. theoii

    Restored OEM Heater Duct from 1972 FJ40

  3. theoii

    Wanted 1972 front door hinges

    Just looking for the vehicle halves. No top yet but may have a friend help me with making half doors but have no where to hang them.
  4. theoii

    For Sale FJ40 (and a few FJ60) parts for sale. Cheap

    Bumper gussets, door hinges if complete, bumperettes Shipped to 96007. Should all fit in usps standard box
  5. theoii

    craigslist Hard top $150

    Can't be sure of area with everyone moving around with their cell phones. But it does say Modesto craigslist.
  6. theoii

    For Sale Toyota Crossmember

    I would like to get $110 plus shipping.
  7. theoii

    For Sale Toyota Crossmember

    I have a new crossmember for the rear of the transfer case for the V-8 conversion in No. CA. I installed the studs and attached the crossmember temporarily on the TC to figure out placement and figured out I messed up it because it doesn't work with TH350 trans. AA page Make offer or I am...
  8. theoii

    Wanted TH350 crossmember

    Okay I messed up and bought a new AA propeller style crossmember kit. It won't work I don't think. Looking to trade or purchase a TH350 crossmember.
  9. theoii

    Wanted Disc brake axle or conversion parts

    Hijack but I found this thread with a search. I got my 72 front axle apart and it has Ball and claw. Do I need to find a complete axle or can I convert for disc with a mini? everything I read for the most part says I should have Birfields but the FSM says it could have either.
  10. theoii

    Mini Truck Disc Brakes, SOA or stock

    Email Sent
  11. theoii

    Wanted Transfer case crossmember

    Thank you Poser. Looking forward to the next step in my project.
  12. theoii

    Wanted Transfer case crossmember

    Looking for a crossmember for the rear of the transfer case on a converted landcruiser. I have a SBC with a TH350 and need to support the transfer case.
  13. theoii

    rear frame section. (PIC)

    No problem I am just happy to maybe find one close by. I am not quite ready yet so I thought I would put my name in the hat. You can see what I am up against at my pictures here- Picasa Web Albums - theoii - Landcruiser
  14. theoii

    rear frame section. (PIC)

    I will get in line. PM Sent!
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