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    Builds 4508 - Ultra4 Racetruck Build

    This is a great read. How did the rest go. I was pitting around the corner on gen right. Meant t stop over but was pretty busy with our cars. Broke the end off a d60 rear end on the 4500 car. Got another sent out from Phoenix, but it needed all the shock and suspension mounts fabbed and welded...
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    Builds 4508 - Ultra4 Racetruck Build

    I've been on a pit crew for a 4400 series car the last 4 years. Team 602.And have helped with a 4500 car the last 2 years. Team 4544. Every year is a new challenge. It's a lot of fun out there. This year I'll be there on Monday the 5th. I'll be driving my beat up green and grey 80 around and at...
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    CDL Actuator Fun

    This was the problem. I did not have the case fully locked when I installed the actuator. Once I re did it it is now working as it should. Thank you gentleman!
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    CDL Actuator Fun

    I've read this thread a few times now, and I'm at a loss. Long story short, the cdl in my 96 quit working about a year ago. I took the actuator out cleaned it up, regressed it and put it back together. No go. At the time I found a used transfer case here local, with less miles than I had on...
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    Hello from a new FJ80 member in northern CO

    Quick hijack.... My wife went to Loveland high, I went to Thompson valley. Albeit, 20 years ago, but..... We now live in Phoenix, but do go back to visit here n there. Used to camp up the buckhorn and storm mountain pretty often. Good score on the cruiser.
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    RTH: U Joints | drive shaft damage

    no help here, but i too am fighting this fight. i had one rear joint obviously bad, so went to change it, and am now thinking i messed it up. i have put it all back together and drove it, but it has another vibration. i cant tell if the other joint is bad, or if i messed up the new one. i am...
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    Best diesel for 80

    I know my buddy, not a jeep guy by any means, bought 2 of em recently. One for a driver, and one to build. I am waiting to see how it does! He builds some wicked turbo set ups. He is in love with the 80s, but will only get one to do a diesel swap. He's been talking about it.
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    Best diesel for 80

    I have thoughtt about the lil engine out of the liberty. I know....I know....flame away. But from a couple conversations I've had with a friend who owns a turbo shop, he said this,is a great engine, that takes very. Little to get around 300hp and close to 400lbs of torque, all day long. I...
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    Fan clutch oil mod: mpg hit?

    I been contemplating trying an elec. Just to see if any difference. A project for cooler times tho. ( I can hear tools cursing me under his breath from here )
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    Fan clutch oil mod: mpg hit?

    I'm here in phoenix too, and my rig list about 1mpg when I put a new blue hub with 20k CST from tools. Since I have list a couple more to bigger tires and neglect. I have 315 tires, and have to put 19-20 gal in at a pretty consistant 230 miles, on an uncorrected Speedo with stock gears. Usually...
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    No "D" Club

    I bought my cruiser with 154k, D didn't work. Around 160k, I smacked the dash with the palm of my hand. It has worked ever since. Now has 191k.
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    Replace radiator as PM?

    Buy the new radiator, and sit on it till needed. I have 190k+ on my original 96.
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    Serious Electrical Issues...

    no new help with your elec problems, but wanted to mention comment. while in woodland park, 'the hungry bear' restaraunt has nursed a few rough nights away with a grand breakfast! miss that place..... good luck with the cruiser!
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    Need Quick Advice - Potential FJ80

    rig looks nice. good chance the window has just slid a bit on the bracket that holds the glass along the bottom edge. will need to remove the inner door panel, reach in and slide it a bit to get it lined up again. 2 of my windows have gone thru this now.
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    Can't get a pedal, tests done just need troubleshooting help

    im not sure about doing the lspv first and last, the theory makes sense. but generally, when bleeding, start with the furthest caliper from the master. you could prolly even do lspv, RP, RD, then lspv, then move to FP,FD.
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    VSV EGR Parts Help

    i did this by removing the throttle body only, and using my monkey hands was able to replace without removing the upper intake.
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    Want to make a new center console, was there ever a pedal operated e-brake??

    ive thought of taking the foot pedal from a tahoe( i know, a sin to put gm parts on a yota to some) and modding it into my cruiser. thats as far as its gotten tho. just thought of it.......
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    Cheapest source for a koyo rad

    (hijack on) TX cruiser, so, is there a better condensor that could be made to fit our rigs? i assume it would take having new lines and the such made to work. but honestly, if one knew what he was doing, could this be done? would it work that much better? (hijack off)
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    2 AUX Fan - How to Turn on both using Rear Heater Swithc

    a diode between the fan 1 and fan 2 turn on wires on the back of the relay would solve your dilemma. any radio shack store or like it can hook you up. they are cheap.
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    Builds FlyingWil's FZJ80 Build thread...

    that is a super clean looking rig. the same suspension setup i am looking at. good work.
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