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  1. CJBury

    Coal Mine Cruiser Classic 2010, Rausch Creek PA, July 8-10 2010

    New job and new baby, I'll be there for atleast part of it. Part time camping at rausch full time at ev. We'll see how it pans out. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  2. CJBury

    10th Annual Coal Mine Cruiser Classic, Rausch Creek PA, July 9-11 2009

    That must be why she charged me $20 last year.:rolleyes:
  3. CJBury

    East Coast Pig Run, break, flop, and goodbye

  4. CJBury

    BBRC Fall Crawl Oct 12 & 13 @ Rausch Creek

    Hey BK, thanks for carting my lazy ass around all day. The circus pig was a blast to ride around in. We need to find the circus music horn.:D
  5. CJBury

    is FJ Trail Team really going to Rausch Creek?

    Ok hang on lets not get drastic here. Some of us DO need to supervise.:lol:
  6. CJBury

    is FJ Trail Team really going to Rausch Creek?

    Guess we need to throw the rocks farther next time.;)
  7. CJBury

    East coast 2007 pig run August 2007

    I think most of the ALCA guys and otheres are camping at Rausch Creek. Primative but its included in the wheeling price. They have moved some of the camps so I havn't stayed at them yet. Sean helped cut them out and said they are nice.
  8. CJBury

    East coast 2007 pig run August 2007

    Camping at Rausch will be the way to go. So I'm gonna finally get a ECPR shirt??? Sweet. Last year was a lot of fun. Nice people, cool rigs. I mean pigs. Updates are available on the ALCA page.
  9. CJBury

    Feeler: paragon trip with the 80's

    The ALCA will be making a trip to PAP 1/6/07. There will be a few 80's there, including mine:cool: Chris
  10. CJBury

    August 19 East Coast Pig Run 06'

    Jeff, I tried to e-mail you the few pics that I took. Let me know if you get them. I didn't run rock creek but I did find this hard core obstacle on the bunny slopes;p Chris
  11. CJBury

    August 19 East Coast Pig Run 06'

    The pig run was a blast. Had a great time. It was nice to put some faces with the names. Can't wait for the shirts Chris. Chris
  12. CJBury

    Vermont Trails

    Some of the class 4 roads I have been on in vermont have been fun. There should a map that lists them. Some are hard to find and some have been converted to private roads as people move off of them. Look for the sign.
  13. CJBury

    August 19 East Coast Pig Run 06'

    :bounce2: Wahooooo!!:bounce: It's getting close. Can't wait. So what is total tally of rigs making their way to coal country? Hey Bob, bring your winch incase I pick another stupid line.:doh: Chris
  14. CJBury

    Volunteer work at Rausch Creek

    Going Sunday to cut trails. More the merrier. Chris
  15. CJBury

    open trails in eastern pa

    I figured that there were not much in the way of govt land to ride on. However there is still a ton of private land left and someone owns it. So damn it, fess up and let us come play on it.:D Chris
  16. CJBury

    open trails in eastern pa

    Does anyone know of open access free trails in eastern pa? Just looking for logging roads or something to go play on. Thanks Chris
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