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  1. saleach

    Radiator leak after replacement

    Hey everyone! I tried searching and although there a quite a few coolant leak threads, I couldn't find what I am experiencing. So I am having a slow leak from the radiator dripping off the lower bolts on the passenger side. I first noticed it about three weeks ago along with a small crack at...
  2. saleach

    "VSC OFF" Light not working when in 4L

    Recently I have had all of the lights associated with 4L go out on my LX470. Before, when I shifted from 4H-N-4L both the center diff lock switch as well as the VSC OFF switch would come on on the dash. I replaced the center diff lock switch on the center diff and now that light works but I...
  3. saleach

    Thermostat gasket leaking

    Hey guys, I replaced my water pump and timing belt a few weeks ago and I am having trouble getting a good gasket seal at the thermostat housing. (See pics). I have done the gasket twice. The first time I followed the directions on the permatex gasket maker (red). I put the material all around...
  4. saleach

    Help identifying misc. o-ring

    hello! I am in the process of putting my water pump installation back together and I came across a random, tiny oring at the bottom of my bay. I took photos and color marked bolts but do not remember seeing or taking off this oring. It is not the smaller oring that belongs to the thermostat...
  5. saleach

    Fan Bracket Stuck

    So im trying to replace my timing belt and water pump. (Just bought a LX w/ 202k miles, never been replaced) I am following the FAQ writeup by scottm but am stuck at the fan bracket removal. I have undone all the bolts, 5 conections on the front and the two down below that are hard to get. (The...
  6. saleach

    Transfer Case Leak, Center Diff Lock Not Working

    Hello, I recently purchased a 99 LX470 and have been in the process of getting it fixed up. After replacing the transfer case fluid I have since noticed that it is leaking. Also, my center diff lock has recently stopped working. It appears that the leak is from the front output shaft in the...
  7. saleach

    US Government using 70-series LCs

    US Defense contractors to begin testing modified 70-series LC as "battle-survivable field vehicles."
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