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  1. krzyabncanuck

    Wanted  1978-1980 B engine water pump . FOUND ONE.

    Title says it all folks. Looking for a B model engine water pump with Fan Clutch mounting capabilities. Year model 1978-1980 B model engine. Looking for a new one if you know where I can get one. Discontinued from SOR. But for reference it is their part number 054-024F-1B-2 Thanks much folks...
  2. krzyabncanuck

    In Houston Texas with Team Rubicon

    Down here in Kashmere Gardens and they were hit hard. Was also in Wharton and helped them. Spent a week in Katy too helping them. Spotted a tan 80 series right down from our Katy FOB. Will be down here 2 more weeks. Tough work. Any fellow mudders here ?
  3. krzyabncanuck

    Uwharrie Leo project.

    So. As a few of you know we were doing a project to get Charles on the trail more often thru FOU. Well as everyone knows life throws curve balls at you. This one is actually for the better but can not and will not get into it. Let's just say we are no longer doing the project but Charles will...
  4. krzyabncanuck

    On another Board again.

    Just got selected to help represent the OHV folks in the Southeast. I will be working alongside the USFS and other volunteers to help out trails. I am just finishing my time as The Friends of Uwharrie COO. Very proud to have been selected.
  5. krzyabncanuck

    Just got selected to another Board.

    Just got selected to be on the board that works with the USFS to help all of our trails in the southern states...... Yes. Moving forward still.
  6. krzyabncanuck

    Back in AZ till next Oct.

    Hey everyone . Back in your great state again prepping for next fire season already. And looking around down here at houses. Wife is coming out for the holidays. Anyway. Just thought I would say hey. Looking forward to hopefully getting some time in wheeling with some of you. Hiking my...
  7. krzyabncanuck

    FOU meeting last night.

    Morning all from sunny 71 degrees AZ with snow in the mountains here. They / we had a FOU meeting yesterday and it went pretty well. I guess it did. They want me to stay on as something in FOU . Here is a little quick short report from Robin. Did anyone from here go ? A big THANK YOU to...
  8. krzyabncanuck

    Heading back out West.

    Heading back out West in a few days. Going to do wheeling, hiking, mountain bike riding . And prepping my body for the Season starting in January. Folks want some pics ?
  9. krzyabncanuck

    Travels of a Hotshot from NC.

    Figured you guys and gals might like to hear what it is like to play in fire as a Hotshot now a days. Been out here in AZ for about 2 months now and have been on 8 fires that I can remember. Most of the fires I have been on have been started down in Mexico. Go figure. 4 so far this year for my...
  10. krzyabncanuck

    Howdy from AZ for a bit.

    Hey everyone. Hope all are doing well. I am having a blast wheeling out here. Work on the other hand is rough. Fire is hell. Again the wheeling is a blast. been up to about 8,000 feet already.
  11. krzyabncanuck

    Coming out to your fine state for the next 6 + months.

    Just thought I would see who all was down in the Sierra Vista area. I will be based out of there for this years fire season with a new Hotshot crew. bringing one of my 80's ready to wheel / mountain Bike and hike. Always looking forward to spending time with fellow cruiser heads. Darin
  12. krzyabncanuck

    Great job for Vets.

    I have begun a new chapter in my life and feel that other Vets would also enjoy this venture. Yes I run a Cruiser shop sometimes here when I can but it does not provide a pay check really. I also teach 4wd but again that is not paying any bills. Luckily though, I am Military retired and a DV...
  13. krzyabncanuck

    Dickey Bell trail , our adopted trail.

    All, Our trail in Uwharrie is in bad shape. We have at least 5 illegal spider trails , some that are going onto old trails we had decades ago that are not open but have been opened back up by these folks. I have posted photos over in our section on FB about what I have seen back in July. I was...
  14. krzyabncanuck

    Anyone buying from metal tech any time soon ?

    Wanting to order some stuff from them and will be shipped on a pallet so figured i would see if anyone else was going to place an order in the next few weeks to help split shipping.
  15. krzyabncanuck

    Tips and guidance from a certified 4wd Instructor.

    This is a place where as a I4WDTC person i will try to put out safety tips and other stuff related to the 4wd industry and off roading. It was brought to my attention a long time ago actually about how little people sometimes know about their equipment. I was just as bad about that years ago. I...
  16. krzyabncanuck

    UORTC Events for 2015

    Posting up UORTC courses / other stuff going on up at his place. These are off road courses / just going off road with a coach helping guide you thru the trail system. I know most folks on here know about all there is to 4 wheeling off road and these classes are not directed towards you. We...
  17. krzyabncanuck

    Janet over at Arrowhead going away party 25 April 2015 at 1 pm.

    Some folks might have known for a while now, but Janet from over at Arrowhead Campground is leaving us after around 17 years of being here. She is going back home to Maine. I just got an e mail from Debra with the USFS that she would like to have a party for her on the 25th of this month at...
  18. krzyabncanuck

    Feb 21st 2015 URE workday. 1000 hrs start time for this one.

    Here is the info from Terry. Hi Everyone – The next work day is Saturday, February 21st at 10 am at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp. The main focus will be on Daniel Trail to install the barricades that are necessary there to keep traffic on the trail through the archaeology sites. Darin joined...
  19. krzyabncanuck

    Any interest in Nam area meetings / get together / wrench turning ?

    All the other regions do it so i am going to throw it out there. Anyone besides me interested in getting together every month or so for something different ?
  20. krzyabncanuck

    January 24th 2015 URE Workday

    Up coming workday is coming up soon. There has been a change in plans as to why it has taken me so long to get this out there. Going to hopefully be working on a few different areas but not like we expected. The FS is going to put up wooden rail up on the area of Dickey bell that needs a lot...
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