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  1. TankTheLC

    For Sale  93 FZJ80 ABS Unit with Bracket

    What you see is the exact equipment you will receive. The ABS Unit does come with the mounting bracket shown. Located in 36830 - shipping can be arranged in 50 states. Price is $50 + shipping (OBO) for the ABS Unit. PM me any questions you have or offers.
  2. TankTheLC

    SOLD  SOLD Delta Powder Coated Ceiling Storage Brackets (FZJ80) - SOLD

    $54 new, selling these for $35 shipped. In good shape with signs of use. Please view the photos carefully as these are the exact items for sale. Located in 36830 but willing to ship to all 50 states. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  3. TankTheLC

    Wanted  91-94 Fj80/Fzj80 Curved front & rear fog light switches

    Part numbers below, I also need the harness plastic retainer and the harness pigtail. Rear fog light switch part no. 84160-60040 Front fog light switch part no. 84160-60030
  4. TankTheLC

    Help sourcing 2 new parts - 93 fzj80

    Anyone got an online vendor or have a reccomendation for both a new coolant overflow reservoir and a new washer fluid reservoir. Both of mine are quite worn and want to go ahead and replace mine if I can manage. I’m assuming OEM is the way to go here but willing to try another brand if someone...
  5. TankTheLC

    Questions about brake issues - Help me overhaul my brakes.

    Hey! Just got back from holiday and noticed my brakes have gotten harder to push in. They do get easier to push in after the truck has braked a couple times but the initial braking from a stop is like with no booster at all. I replaced the booster vacuum valve and hose with the kit from wits end...
  6. TankTheLC

    A comprehensive installation & review of 4x4labs tire carrier with winch mount (80 Series)

    I called Luke up to order this bumper after I saw this thread: The Best Rear Bumper Out There! I've been wanting to get a tire carrier for a while and when I saw they were capable of putting a rear recovery winch back there I was sold on their bumper vs the competition. I asked him to build it...
  7. TankTheLC

    Wanted  Looking to buy used FZJ80 ARB Safari Snorkel

    PM me your price and a photo of the condition of it. Not looking at a cheaper Chinese one as the fit just isn’t the same. If you aren’t local - shipping is going to be to zip code: 36830.
  8. TankTheLC

    Help: On my 2nd battery replacement in 6 months

    Update 1: Striking through the information that was invalid or not correct from the Advanced Auto Tester. I have confirmed in a post below the true numbers (Post 13). It appears we are working with a parasitic load - unsure of how to proceed now that I have identified a circuit drawing Amps...
  9. TankTheLC

    For Sale  SOLD

    Condition is shown in photos below. The driver side on is unaltered, passenger side one has had powdercoat removed for ground and an additional hole drilled. Price for the set is $75 shipped USPS Priority Mail to all 50 states ($40 cheaper than new). Payment is over paypal. I’m local to 36830 if...
  10. TankTheLC

    For Sale  Like New LED Headlight Bulbs (9005/9006)

    Prefer my stock bulbs, these are really bright. The pattern is good, but I prefer the yellow headlight color. They were $80 new for all 4. Price is $55 shipped COTUS OBO.
  11. TankTheLC

    RTH Needed - Stupidest mistake I’ve ever made

    Was doing knuckle rebuild and got a phone call and went auto pilot. Installed new knuckle bearing races upside down and no lip to hit to remove. How f—ked am I? I have no idea what to do.
  12. TankTheLC

    Birfield cleaning question

    Tackling front end rebuild this weekend - birfields were replaced by previous owner and aren’t make any sound so going to reuse them. I know how to pack them with grease, but without disassembly, whats the best thing to clean out the old grease with? A post on this forum said to use deisel gas...
  13. TankTheLC

    For Sale  Trail Tailor ARB Powder coated Red ARB Bumper Spacers

    $78.00 new. Lightly used, no longer needed. Required to use recovery hooks/points with the ARB Bumper. Priced at $45 shipped.
  14. TankTheLC

    For Sale  ARB Offset Hawse Fairlead for 80 Fairlead (OKOFFROAD)

    $64.95 new, lightly used. This is required to use a hawse fairlead positioned properly using an arb bumper on an 80 series. Priced at $45 shipped to COTUS.
  15. TankTheLC

    Whats the oem bracket that should be here and where do I get one?

    Whats the oem bracket that should be here and where do I get one?
  16. TankTheLC

    Help: frustrated another leak post-coolant flush

    1993 FZJ80 Flushed my system, ran distilled water for a week flushing each day. Finally put coolant in after bypassing phh & bypassing rear heater - then the throttle body hose starts leaking engine side. Cut an inch off the hose and re-attached it as the rest of the hose is in ok condition...
  17. TankTheLC

    For Sale  FZJ80 Switches + OTRAMM Crank Tool + Rear Heater + 3rd Row Seats + Seat Belts

    Lots for sale: OTRAMM Crank holding tool (used) - $55 shipped. Rear Heater Assembly w/ Duct work (good working condition) - $120 shipped. 91-94 Curved ECT Switch - $30 shipped. 91-97 Rear Heater Switch - $15 shipped. 91-97 Rear Cargo Tie Downs - $20 shipped. 91-97 Third Row Gray Leather Seats...
  18. TankTheLC

    Wanted  Close

    Looking for a good condition 3 spoke 91-94 fzj80/fj80 steering wheel in the non-leather variant. Post or PM me a photo of the wheel and the cost. Edit: Sourced one.
  19. TankTheLC

    PHH Neighbor/Throttle Body Coolant Hose.

    So lucky for me after a million distilled water flushes and putting in fresh toyota coolant - this ————— starts leaking. I can feel the split beside the spring clamp where it goes to the block. Research and visual observation shows it runs from the block to the throttle body. Any ideas on a...
  20. TankTheLC

    How do you all seal up the floor hole where the rear heater hard lines were?

    Any ideas? Its like a 2x2 hole in the floor under the passenger seat.
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