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  1. hj 60

    Dusted Hilux?

    I also dump some wd40 or oil behind the filter so the grease holds the dirt if it enters, seems not to pass the filter (with snorkel)
  2. hj 60

    Adding a catalytic convertor to an H engine? Thoughts?

    In Germany there was a kit for it, there a license plate can be changed and so boost economy and research (not in Netherlands...) Also spoke to a mechanic that added AdBlue to old trucks, het said black smoke turns to white at startup. Maybe that is an option?
  3. hj 60

    AltFuel Biodiesel

    The filter can also wait until power drops, just have a filter and wrench ready (and advice new purge pump) Water sedimenter is also good to have but company fuel should be good quality. You can add acetone for less engine noise and bit of improved torque and lower fuel usage. If your fuel tank...
  4. hj 60

    Coolant leak

    Buy a regular freeze plug at a dealer and should seal perfectly if that hole has no damage. This thing does not belong there I think, you can also install a block heater but that is not best position. Example for my HJ60...
  5. hj 60

    Piston catalog tech reference

    A kit is for sale and the picture has some part number info, but how do I know if I have HJ60 2H piston 102,2 mm or 90,1mm? VIN? kit for sale mentions: 13101-68010 (with above picture that is 102.2mm (?) OLD? Both have 91.0 mm bore (diameter) When I search for the part number also for...
  6. hj 60

    Valve cover gasket leak

    If you have an iron pipe that almost fits you can heat it red hot and "slam" it on with a hammer, remove, cool and should hold to torque it. But the proper tool is better.
  7. hj 60

    HJ61 Brake component unrecognized? Is this someones mod?

    Did you bleed the rear lspv?, took me a liter of fluid to finally understand it has a bleeder. The new pump I bought is still in the box.
  8. hj 60

    Alternative Fuels for Diesel Landcruisers

    I think part of the nato spec (like 24 volt) is alternative fuel. DIESEL FUELS F-54 is a military fuel used in compression ignition engines in NATO Europe areas outside Denmark, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. Also...
  9. hj 60

    24v disaster

    Did it help to charge them because if it works maybe it only needs two new batteries and a battery equalizer. (or go to one 12v if starter is 12v) Probably half of it is still 24v (but nothing is connected to 24v?) and then the blower is only half speed, but works, the horn is cheap to replace...
  10. hj 60

    Whats the difference behind a 24v 5 wire External mounted Voltage Regulator and 6 Wire External Mounted Voltage Regulator ? NipponDenso OEM

    I have the 6 wire, at least count six wires, it is explained somewhere, ignition or battery: no need to try to charge if engine is off. From here, where mine tried to fry itself, picture to large to attach so a link...
  11. hj 60

    Kill Switch

    I think it would work as those switches were also used to rig telephone boot in the Netherlands and that cover was also pretty thick steel. (cut transparent wire to stop the pulse/ticker count, so free calling) Just a normal 3 way switch or two in series works to, any thief would just cut it all...
  12. hj 60

    Diesel falling back to the tank ..?

    I don't know about 80 series but with a 60 uphill engine stall most of the time is a fuel line (hard-line but also soft-line) leak and air is entering, so no real visible leak, nothing to see but still an air leak. But you can not be the first to have this so a search must help , what type of...
  13. hj 60

    Which plugs should I be running - B, 2B, 3B, H and 2H diesels

    @Rusto bit long text, sorry. I don't think a glow light is dependent of a working glow-plug cycle. 19 v or 20 is still in range for me, (95%) it should not make a big difference in starting if both are new, but I will always advice all new plugs and no testing because somehow testing does not...
  14. hj 60

    HJ61 4wd problem

    I had some problems when * the switch would not make the green light (and 4x4) go on, but shifting to low did. Cleaned the connections and thought it was time for the air /vacuum. But in the end no money was spend, also cleaned under the car at the transfer: Transfer electrical shift type...
  15. hj 60

    2H Super Glow Issues and Hard Starting

    :hurting: well good thing is to know it is in the glowplugs, but bad is maybe constant glowing when contact is on, so burned the plugs? 15v is ok, within specs to me. It is because they glow all six that they are 14v in a 24v system, battery can not handle 6 x 24v (it seems, by design) Maybe...
  16. hj 60

    2H Super Glow Issues and Hard Starting

    Very sensitive for 1 bad glow plug, just replace all 6 if you can pay for it, just be done, also see the other thread about glowplug type and type of system. So what should be in them (voltage) and...
  17. hj 60

    Need a little wiring help

    I would check real same model cars if possible and get the correct schematic for what you have. 1kz-te (engine Hiace) swap into 01 Tacoma So find the ? hiace and 01 tacoma files? And find the partnumber and look online for the ECT speed sensor , maybe a wrecker has a decent picture with the...
  18. hj 60

    Toyota Hilux engine sputtering, can I make it another 500km?

    maybe add injector cleaner and drive it redhot: Justice Brothers Diesel fuel treatment Is airfilter clean and oil not swapped with salad oil or some sabotage to save shillings...
  19. hj 60

    Aftermarket Glow Plug Relay For 2H

    G B S. Explaination in link below, (sorry using Phone,) "the S terminal is truly unconnected" They suggest 24V cruisers DO have internal wiring connected to their S terminals! So small wires to small should connect big G/B? Easy test with 12v + (86) and - (85) (b/w?) to small wires should...
  20. hj 60

    Kill Switch

    I use the low oil pressure switch with a wire to dash, because it starts and after 5 seconds shuts down by edic, then the thief is in mid road getting attention, happened a few times when I drove away and forgot, brakes and power steering shuts down too so it is a nice package of total...
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