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  1. cvcruiser

    Good Northern Calif places for camping with family?

    Thanks for the kind note on my windshield in Fort Bragg! I read this post before we left for our trip and wondered how far north we would get before coming back home (Redwood City) only to get ready for our trip to the sierras tomorrow. Hope you had a great time. It's always cool to come across...
  2. cvcruiser

    Wentworth Spring Trail

    That was one fun trip! I'll be sending Alvaro some video footage when I get a chance. Chris
  3. cvcruiser

    Driving SF to Moab

    Thanks for the tips...much appreciated!
  4. cvcruiser

    Driving SF to Moab

    Hello, I'm planning a family trip to Moab in April and wondering if anyone has any suggestions on making the trip somewhat easy with young kids. Also which highway would you prefer to take Hwy 80 or 50? Why? How long it usually takes? Places to stop on the way to break up the long hours. Best...
  5. cvcruiser

    Rubicon Trail Update?

    Has anyone been up to the Rubicon/Loon Lake area lately? I'm thinking about heading up there and trying to find out how much snow there might be on the trail.
  6. cvcruiser

    Gold Lake, California

    We're actually heading up Thursday morning for 7 days in Sierra City. I'm not sure what day we'll actually get out to the lake or surrounding areas. It will be a mellow trip since we're bringing our kids, 10, 2, and 7 1/2 month old. I'm really looking forward to driving my 80 in since I...
  7. cvcruiser

    Gold Lake, California

    I will give my update of the area when I get back. Thanks for the trail input!
  8. cvcruiser

    Gold Lake, California

    Anyone been to Gold Lake near Sierra City? I hear there is a fairly easy trail out there that goes arround the lake to a 4WD camp ground. I'm going up there for a week leaving this Thursday and will be looking to do some wheelin around that area. Do you know of any good trails in the area...
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