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  1. Dparo

    Anyone got a big trip planned for 2023?

    WYBDR in early August.
  2. Dparo

    Madison, WI - 2018 Land Cruiser "Tiny" - Build Thread

    Can the power rear hatch be retrofitted to a 2017? Err, never mind, parts look too pricy for what it is.
  3. Dparo

    Jowett performance filter housing "Group Buy"

  4. Dparo

    Is this caliper bad?

    Rotors done. Wouldn’t fit on the lathe so had to mill it the slower way. Took off about 3/16” which was just shy of E-Brake pad contact. Squeal gone. Thanks everyone.
  5. Dparo

    Is this caliper bad?

    So we are going to throw the rotors on a lathe tomorrow and take that lip down. On a somewhat related note is this “V” shaped clip available in a parts kit? One of my fronts is missing one.
  6. Dparo

    Is this caliper bad?

    Yeah, I’ve only got cut-off wheels, I’ll pick some up. Thank you.
  7. Dparo

    Is this caliper bad?

    Axle is solid, I’m attempting to dremel down the rotor lip but it’s slow going. Genuine Toyota rotors.
  8. Dparo

    Is this caliper bad?

    Yeah, found the spots. They aren’t really rusty except for surface dust. I’ll try hitting it with a dremel.
  9. Dparo

    Is this caliper bad?

    And expensive! I’ll tear it back down tomorrow. I did push on it to be sure it wasn’t bent but I’ll give it a better look. Thanks everyone!
  10. Dparo

    Is this caliper bad?

    Yeah, I’m thinking it’s something with the e-brake now. I lifted up the rear with the caliper off and spun the other wheel and it’s still making some noise. The boots had popped off but I fixed them after the video.
  11. Dparo

    Is this caliper bad?

    Dealership did an alignment and tire rotation, shortly after I heard some excess noise from the rear driver’s wheel. They also noted I needed brakes so that I can handle. Swapped all four rotors and pads and shims and went for a ride, noise still present. It sounds like something is rubbing...
  12. Dparo

    Black Emblems for 200 series

    I really wish there were a factory option available, I personally do not like anything chrome.
  13. Dparo

    If all LC/LX were gone…what would you buy to replace it?

    Probably a Ford Super Duty 6.7
  14. Dparo

    Trekboxx Alpha vs Goose Gear

    I have a full Trekboxx system for my 100 and due to some priorities changing recently I contacted David about doing a full system in my 200. I wouldn't go with any other option.
  15. Dparo

    Extended warranty on a recently purchased 21 HE

    Extended Toyota Warranty on a CPO 2017. I can't recall the exact years but up to 104k miles for $2500
  16. Dparo

    Extended warranty on a recently purchased 21 HE

    I turned mine down this past weekend. Should I have done otherwise?
  17. Dparo

    200 series picture thread

    $71k. 2017 32k miles, CPO. It has the rear entertainment system and still has the headphones and remote. Still have my 2007 100 and will keep it. This is my first 200 but third Cruiser. It came in with the original Dunlops and they were due for a swap so the dealership threw on brand new...
  18. Dparo

    200 series picture thread

    Bought my first 200 today.
  19. Dparo

    SLEE 200 Bumper Photos...! *UPDATE!*

    As a 100 owner I rarely tread elsewhere and the 200 never appealed much to me because I am still loving the 100 but this one definitely is one I could envision owning. That color is great. Reading this thread because of the Slee provided link in the 100 forum where discussion is happening on a...
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