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  1. Land Shark

    Land Cruiser Build

    Glock guy, eh
  2. Land Shark

    OEM Belt Life?

    I ran one set over 80k miles finally changed them because they made some noise. Next set I am not sure what to think. After 2 months I had one belt fray just in a short section on one side. So I changed both of them. I am keeping a close eye on this last set to see there is any abnormal wear...
  3. Land Shark

    1FZ engine clatter. Any ideas?

    I was experiencing the same (diesel) sound and dropped 93 octane in mine and it seems to have gone away. It has only been a week but we will see....
  4. Land Shark

    joneseys SS exhaust help

    All installed thanks to all for the help. Now I just need to get that fancy shield for the front O2 sensor :)
  5. Land Shark

    joneseys SS exhaust help

    I did not realize they were the same. Thank you I will look at this thread first before I ask any other questions. Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
  6. Land Shark

    joneseys SS exhaust help

    Anyone here have one and can lend some help with where some of the pieces go? I have a few clamps and seals that I am not real sure where they go Then there is there hardware. I used the studs on left to install my 2 new o2 sensors but still have 2 left. Then there is the rest of them...
  7. Land Shark

    Realtime help.. what is this wire for?

    ^^^^. Looks like what I have for my aftermarket auto start/keyless entry hood pin. So it doesn't start while hood is up Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
  8. Land Shark

    Cruiser Eating Snow in Bend today!

    Nice!!! I want some snow :( Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
  9. Land Shark

    My 1991 FJ80 "The Storm Trooper"

    White 80's rule!!!! :p
  10. Land Shark

    Post pics of your rig with XML's!

    ^^^^ Beautiful Truck Man!!!!
  11. Land Shark

    Adapting Hummer Spare Tire Swingout to an 80?

    Go to AJIK overland. Van has made this custom for the 80
  12. Land Shark

    Middle brake light assembly

    Found the old thread here on MUD looks like I need to req. a 5.1v Zener Diode
  13. Land Shark

    Middle brake light assembly

    So I have done some searching on the WWW. Best I can find is that Fry' has a 12v, 1watt diode. What I cannot find is the actual value of the part I pulled :( Search continues...
  14. Land Shark

    Middle brake light assembly

    Recently found my middle brake light not working so pull the cover and verified voltage to the unit (confirmed). I then pulled the unit and did a quick check of all the resistors (confirmed) they read through. I then checked voltage through the connector (confirmed). Checked voltage at first...
  15. Land Shark

    Mounting a front plate on a stock bumper with a winch installed?

    Here in VA you have to have it permanently mounted not sure about your state but I would know what is expected...
  16. Land Shark

    Rear Bumper with Tire Mount Recommendation Here is the link to AJIK. Van is a great guy to deal with. You wont find better CS anywhere.
  17. Land Shark

    Ideas for mounting a gun to the console?

    To the OP may I give you something to think about? Holstering and on holstering are in and of itself dangerous. I would suggest if you are carrying on your person and need want to take it off while driving you consider leaving it in its holster the entire time. So coming up with a way to...
  18. Land Shark

    AJIK Rear Tire Carrier.

    Van this is BA! Nice job!
  19. Land Shark

    Bastards! Attempt to steal front bull bar

    ^^^^^ Me likey the way you think :)
  20. Land Shark

    Who built the fridge slide with stove underneath?

    Sorry i was mobile. Was that the thread?
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