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  1. J

    rear blower sometimes goes to high by itself

    Interesting, this just started happening to me within the last two weeks. I noticed it a few times over a couple of days when I had the rear on. I usually have it on when transporting the kids or taking folks to lunch during work. When it is was doing it, a passenger turned the rear off (on the...
  2. J

    OME 860's, Torsion Bar, 315 KM2's Installed! Before and After

    That is quite the improvement! Looks great and a very clean look to it. Looking forward to seeing it with the new bumpers... :popcorn:
  3. J

    Dura Tracs

    Still early on for my DTs, and they have been smooth. They started out with a road force balance. How about noise??? I was expecting them to be a little bit quieter from the reviews, but I am getting a pretty good hum starting around 50-60. Not exactly sure what to expect really after coming...
  4. J

    Spare tire removal-weird jack receiver?

    A guy in the parts department of the dealership, where I picked up my spare key, said to just "whack it with a hammer to knock it off"...
  5. J

    Installed my first "MOD" to the Hundy

    tarmac, That looks like a very cool little device and I am sure it will generate lots of interest. Can it do the MPG recalculation with a variable for tire size? How has it been working with the Toyota specific engine codes, more specifically your hundy? What has been your experience? Is that...
  6. J

    255/70/18 Tires on a 100

    I ran those sizes on tundra steelies for about a week while I was prepping my stock rims for new tires. It drove well... BTW - These are shots with a OME lift
  7. J

    OME Lift Before and After

    So after what amounts to a couple of years of just removing stuff from the cruiser (fender flares, paint stripe, fake wood, running boards, rear spoiler, roof rack), I've finally got around to adding some things back. I spent the weekend before last with help from my brother-in-law putting in...
  8. J

    New '03 Cruiser

    Great find and nice year!!!! ;)
  9. J

    Spare tire removal

    Sorry, just provided the removal part for informational purposes. I ordered a replacement key. I am planning on keeping the spare lock for the time being.
  10. J

    Spare tire removal

    I stopped by the dealership and had them drop the spare (they have all key combinations in the shop) and ordered a replacement key. Also, for half hour labor they will remove lock itself. That way you would just need the hook to lower the spare...
  11. J

    Spare tire removal

    Thanks. I found that picture for new tacomas and tundras but wasn't sure if it was the same thing used previously on hundies. Mine seems to have more of a cone in the front, but it probably just looks a little different staring at it through the little hole in the bumper... :cheers:
  12. J

    Spare tire removal

    Okay, so what does this tool look like? The one that goes on the end of the assembly to crank the spare down? Does it fit over the hook or instead of it? Does it end up using the star key as part of it or does it have a matching key pattern in it? I have the star key for the lug nuts and I...
  13. J

    Project: Albert 99 UZJ100

    Is there any chance we can get the pictures back for this thread? Were they lost in the upgrade or were they hosted elsewhere all along. I think it was the best OME install "how to" we have/had...
  14. J

    Ipod Video Adapter

    Bump... Anthony L. any results/findings? I am looking at picking up the SL2i-UP. Any recent feedback would be great... :cheers:
  15. J

    Noisy Climate Control Fan

    As mentioned above, I had found a leaf in mine, when I opened it up after hearing what I thought sounded like a bearing going out in the fan. I'll add that I accessed it only by removing the three screws in the fan motor assembly, I did not need to remove the glovebox door.
  16. J

    2000 with 84700 miles. New LC owner!

    Nice rig and welcome... You'll want determine if any of the keys you have are programmed as master keys. From what I understand they can be programmed as masters without having a remote access fob. A good summary post: - View Single Post - Master Key Identification- Help Please...
  17. J

    Number plate ideas

    How about? HUNDY
  18. J

    Joining the family

    Congrats and welcome... Lift Supports Systems | Hood | Window | Trunk | Hatch | Auto Parts By Lou has lifts for hood and rear hatch, which was brought up on another thread. I've ordered sets from them for hood and rear and will install them soon.
  19. J

    Fabrication light bars, sliders, roof racks, etc - what do you need?

    Cargo barrier would be good. :) Also, all the talk about rear back up light bar got me thinking about those mounting points for the bat wing (air deflector). Those points could make a useful spot for light bars, back up light mounts, improved air deflector, or some other cool thing not thought...
  20. J

    Hail Damage: Repair and what to look out for

    That was the one, but I saw it over a year ago. Good to see it is still around town. I haven't come across it on MUD though. There were at least two other active austin hundy mudders besides yourself and Dave. A get-together is definitely in order. Keep me posted.
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