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  1. BwardeAZ

    Mombasa Rain Fly (project)

    Interested and first inline. You don't need it. Price shipped to Tucson AZ 85713?
  2. BwardeAZ

    Mombasa Rain Fly (project)

  3. BwardeAZ

    Mombasa Rain Fly (project)

    Thanks Zane you da man
  4. BwardeAZ

    Mombasa Rain Fly (project)

    I was just coming to give this thread a bump for that exact reason. Whats the word?
  5. BwardeAZ

    Roof Top Tent

    I requested a sample of a portable air compressor awhile back. They wanted a 30.00 sample fee and and my shipping company for direct freight.
  6. BwardeAZ

    Mombasa Rain Fly (project)

    Are these going to happen? If so i would be in for sure,
  7. BwardeAZ

    review your Roof-Top-Tent

    Broken piece Well i picked up a Mombassa from a local mudder still in the box. Unfortunately when I opened it up all three rivets on one of the ladder supports were sheered. No biggie I have an airstream so rivets are readily available. Then when I opened it up one of the plastic mounts on...
  8. BwardeAZ

    FJ40 and towing a camper

    I pull a 24' double axle 1964 tradewind with my 60. I use a weight distribution hitch along with sway control and the 60 hates it. It does pull it anywhere I want to go ( although it does best on dirt roads at 15mph ), but the nickname mule really comes to life. I don't mind, but I imagine the...
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