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  1. MicahMan

    Wanted FJC or TFR Rear Springs

    My GX rear air bags just crapped out. Looking for a set of rear FJ Cruiser rear springs or 03-09 4runner rear springs. 0-2" of lift is fine as the front is leveled already. Let me know! Micah 801 824 50 nine nine
  2. MicahMan

    Wanted WTB FJ60 Late Driveshaft

    Got one thanks guys!
  3. MicahMan

    Wanted WTB FJ60 Late Driveshaft

    Front! Thanks i left that out! Do you have one per chance?
  4. MicahMan

    Wanted WTB FJ60 Late Driveshaft

    I'm looking for a front driveshaft that fits my 1986 FJ60. I had one in my pile but it is for an early fj60 wtih the different flange and length. Hit Me Up Micah Platt 801-824-50NineNine
  5. MicahMan

    For Sale 87 fj60 driveshafts sway bar leaf springs axle housings

    I'll take the front driveshaft
  6. MicahMan

    For Sale 4 new oem Gauges

    Hubba Hubba Bump and GLWS
  7. MicahMan

    Wanted 2f for my 84 60

    Just like the title says looking for s running 2f mine just died and I need something asap. I'm in salt lake so local is a plus. Please let me know! 801-824-50 nine nine
  8. MicahMan

    Wanted wtb fj60 heater trim

    Hi I'm looking for a grey trim piece that goes around the heater on my 1984 fj60. Let me know 801 824 50 nine nine
  9. MicahMan

    1985 FJ60 parts/ doors/quarter panels/lights/lights

    I'd like the trim around the heater controls
  10. MicahMan

    Wanted fj60 seat belt

    Need front driver and passenger shoulder seat belts with the bottom latch pm me or email 801 824 50 nine nine lehi utah
  11. MicahMan

    Wanted 84 fj60 window regulator

    Like it says just picked up a new to me 84 fj60. Needs a drivers side window regulator
  12. MicahMan

    For Sale Random FJ60/62 Parts

    No word yet? I need a driver window regulator
  13. MicahMan

    For Sale Random FJ60/62 Parts

    Drivers side window regulator please
  14. MicahMan

    Wanted bezel or grill

    Looking to get a bezel front clip or decent grill to clean up and hang on my son's wall. Condition isn't a big deal just something I could clean up a bit and rattle can. Pm me or email
  15. MicahMan

    Wanted hj61 rear step

    I have a jdm hj61 that is missing the step between the split rear bumper. Would love to find one!
  16. MicahMan

    Wanted FJ60/Fj62 Adjustable Vents

    HI Guys! I'd like to get some adjustable vents. I have an HJ61 so need them for the middle. Same as an FJ60 or FJ62 Thanks! Micah Platt
  17. MicahMan

    For Sale FJ60/62 oem rear shoulder belts

    If they fit my rig I'll take em! I have an 88 fj62
  18. MicahMan

    FJ40 Rear hatch half doors

    Thanks for the good luck
  19. MicahMan

    FJ40 Rear hatch half doors

    Ha my thread has turned into a how to post and sell. Should this be a sticky.
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