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  1. takeitforgranite

    Wanted Rear Bumper with swingout for FJ60 (Reno, NV)

    Finally gotten to the point where this is absolutely necessary for my life. Anything will be considered, including used, beat-up, or custom builds by mudders. :)
  2. takeitforgranite

    roofrack for sale

    Damn. Good timing. I'm in Reno, and I need a rack. Have a tiny con-ferr on my rig right now... it looks a bit wimpy up there. I could pick up in the next month... Have cash, will travel. Only if everyone else in line gets out of the way, though.
  3. takeitforgranite

    MC Hysteer, New Toyota parts

    They look like the Three Five Stock 60-series replacement drag link and tie rod ends...
  4. takeitforgranite

    60 series ARB bull bar

    Damn good deal. :D
  5. takeitforgranite

    FJ60 headlight washers

    Free bump for one of the coolest things about the stock 60. Plus, you can orient them so they spray bystanders on the sidewalk.
  6. takeitforgranite

    Wanted WTB Con-ferr rack extensions - if there is such a thing...

    Like the title says, looking for the bolt-together extensions, if anyone has some, or knows where to get some online... Since Con-ferr is out of business now, I'm not sure where to look. Mine's just too damn short to do much good... but I do like the looks of the rack, the construction, etc...
  7. takeitforgranite

    1981 60 series manual steering box

    I really can't imagine how much fun our rigs would be with manual steering.... was this seriously an option in early 60s? ...guess it's one less thing to break... :D
  8. takeitforgranite

    FJ 60 full floating rear axle complete.

    How come this didn't come to Reno, NV!?! :D
  9. takeitforgranite

    volvo portal axles

    I think there's a thread on Pirate?? :meh: that details a build-up of an 80-series...
  10. takeitforgranite

    Found these if interested

    Sweet! Maybe I'll try to make some brackets to mod my 60 to have some folding rear seats. :D
  11. takeitforgranite

    FS HP44/60hybred & 35 spline 9"

    willing to split beadlocks and tires? I know it's a longshot, but... just throwing it out there.
  12. takeitforgranite

    Assorted Cruiser parts

    Nice spider in that winch.... :D
  13. takeitforgranite

    WARN 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Winch (Never Used)

    Will this fit most winch bumpers? Standard mounting?
  14. takeitforgranite

    FJ62 Vacuum Transfer Solenoids

    I'll take those handles... been looking for a-pillars. :D Also, do you have a rear wiper switch? Just curious.
  15. takeitforgranite

    Wanted Need a hand throttle for a 60!

    Just as the title says.... One more under 50 mod I need to do!
  16. takeitforgranite

    reman 2f cylinder head

    price... location... pictures... details...
  17. takeitforgranite

    62 Hand throttle / gas pedal assy.

    bump.... someone with a 62 needs this!
  18. takeitforgranite

    62 Hand throttle / gas pedal assy.

    Got this from Pappy on the board, doesn't fit my '84 60. Would fit any 62 out there, but wouldn't work for the 60, since the gas pedal linkage system is different... So, I'm including the whole shebang - cable, knob, pedal, and bracket. I'm sure someone can use this... 35 plus the ride...
  19. takeitforgranite

    FJ60 NEW rear quarter panels for sale

    $500 shipped? I need these things.... :D
  20. takeitforgranite

    Fj40 Pto gearbox

    So I take it, then, that you're just selling the gearbox, and not the winch?
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