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    BaT Australia: 1983 BJ46 This is basically my dream rig so I wanted to share
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    craigslist XX

    I'm not going to pretend that I wouldn't be super interested in anything 5-speed swap related, but I'd rather see it live again too. I'm absolutely loving mine and they'll never be making anything like it again, so good on you.
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    SOLD Colorado: 1981 BJ44 JDM RHD

    Pptarmigan was excellent to work with and the rig made it back home :) This was a big decision for me and after a short time driving I became confident in my choice. I love it and will take excellent care of it. It's going to stay mostly stock too, it's pretty good as it is, though I'd like to...
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    SOLD Colorado: 1981 BJ44 JDM RHD

    PMed, my account is fairly new so hopefully I'm allowed to have the message go through.
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