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  1. bowyer2002

    Cooper tires

    I REALLY like my set of 5 ST Maxx tires. They've been on for 2 yrs now and I have had NO issues, they ride fine, noise level is acceptable and they seem to be wearing well with about 15K miles on them - miles that are comprised of about 80% pavement and 20% gravel roads. Sidewalls are stiff...
  2. bowyer2002

    Hello!! Newbie here.

    Trailer details/build? Trailer looks pretty set up!
  3. bowyer2002

    SafetyDang's Slow Tacoma Build

    Great write up! Where did you source the Scion seats? I need to replace mine from 213K miles of driving!
  4. bowyer2002

    01 taco on 285's??

    881s - just in case you end up installing a bumper/winch/etc. just my .02
  5. bowyer2002

    Rick's 1998 Tacoma Build

    Congrats on a nice claen truck and the 200K mark! I'm 3/4 the way there myself! Your rack for the tent, more info (materials constructed from) and close up pics please!
  6. bowyer2002

    looking at 2001 taco dbl cab 4x4, how much $$

    TRD yes - but it needs the timing belt done (i'll help him with that) so I thought the belt would be worth asking $1000 less than the $11K sticker.
  7. bowyer2002

    looking at 2001 taco dbl cab 4x4, how much $$

    Looking, for a friend, at a 2001 double cab Taco, SR5, 4x4 with 98K. looks like it has never been off road, clean, etc. KBB is $9,500 - the sticker (used car lot) is $11,000. Is $10K too much? any help is appreciated. Thx!:hillbilly:
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