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  1. romegadave

    GA 55 left in woods for 20 yrs- 10/73 model

    Hope it went to a good home. Another cruiser in your future??
  2. romegadave

    Another sad sad day

    Coolest Update Ever! Congrats
  3. romegadave

    timmbuck2 has a piggie again

    Sweet swine!
  4. romegadave

    4 Wheel Drive Emblem - Orange is the new Black?

    Pablo, What if you have snapped pins on those emblems? Has anyone written up a fix for this problem?
  5. romegadave

    Family Pig

    Didn't catch the year it up when you start your build thread. Don't forget to mention your needs. You never know what some of us have lying around and are willing to send your way. Congrats on the pig! Dave
  6. romegadave

    Happy B-Day IGE

    Belated cheers to you!!!!
  7. romegadave

    would a piggy project sell?

    Sorry to hear about your troubled times. Hang in there!
  8. romegadave

    69 reflector size

    No idea.........will locate this weekend and get back to you. Is this the one that needs to be yellow since I'm pretty sure its red.
  9. romegadave

    69 reflector size

    Scott, Since I don't have an original reflector, I do remember using a reflector that's used for marking mailboxes and driveways (it fit perfectly in the orig. circular bracket) if that's any help. I know I have one of those kicking around. Dave
  10. romegadave

    69 reflector size

    Scott, I have looked high and low but haven't found any left over. In the event that I do, will contact asap. Sorry, Dave
  11. romegadave

    69 reflector size

    Scott, Will try and remember to look to see if I have any. If so will mail one to you. Dave
  12. romegadave

    New Pig

    Congrats on it!! There'll be the day when she looks soooo much better and you'll remember when the others laughed. But you'll have the last laugh since you'll have the badass ride of ATL!
  13. romegadave

    Greyscale's Pig

    Cool ride:)
  14. romegadave

    Nevada Pig

    Congrats and welcome. Can't wait to hear about your progress on the new pig!!
  15. romegadave

    Happy thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  16. romegadave

    '73 Montana Mountain Pig

    Congrats and welcome to Mud!!
  17. romegadave

    Re-Freshed Pig

    Sharp as a razor!
  18. romegadave

    Brenno's Beast

    Engine bay pics errr bonnet please when you get the chance. Sweet pig. Congrats!!
  19. romegadave

    The Wedding Present

    better late than never........very cool.
  20. romegadave

    Building another pig!

    Helluva bumper tho:cheers:
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